Real Name Fitzroy
Alternate Identity The Mutant Traitor
Powers and Abilities Absorbs and Converts Energy to Create Time and Space Portals
Allies Bantam
Master Mold

Fitzroy is a mutant from a dystopian future of New York in the year 2055 A.D. He is known as "the mutant traitor" because he works for Master Mold to keep his own neck safe.


Physical Therapy
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Fitzroy time traveled to the year 1959 with Nimrod to kill Charles Xavier before he created the X-Men. When he found Nimrod has orders to dispose of him after the mission, he helped stop the attempt on Xavier's life.


First version of the character outside the comics.

In the ComicsEdit

His full name is Trevor Fitzroy.

He kills those he absorbs while the series just has him knocking people unconscious.

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