Francis Barton
Francis Barton NAHT
Real Name Francis Barton
Alternate Identity Hawkeye
Powers and Abilities Skilled Archer
Team Affiliations Scavengers
Allies Betty Ross
Bruce Banner/Hulk
Family and Friends Clint Barton (Father)
Francis Barton is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

Francis Barton is the son of Clint Barton and the second Hawkeye. He is a member of the Avengers and the Scavengers.


Physical Therapy
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He was born and lived in Ultra City and was the leader of the Scavengers after Ultron took over and his father died. After rescuing the Avengers he leaded them to Ultron's layer so they could confront him, but ended up saving them again. Betty Ross then told Tony Stark about that the Hulk and Bruce Banner were alive. They then went to the Hulk to convince him to combat Ultron, but when he didn't agree he, James Rogers and Azari powered one of his ships. After Ultron arrived he battled Iron Hawkeye. He seemed to develop a crush on Torunn.


Francis Barton was voiced by Adrian Petriw.

Francis' mother was unspecified. It is likely Mockingbird, whom Clint had a relationship with in the comics.

Francis, like the other children, was eventually adapted into the comics.

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