Francis Byte
Francis Byte
Real Name Francis Byte
Alternate Identity Videoman
Powers and Abilities Transforms into Living Electronic Data
Team Affiliations X-Men
Allies Spider-Man
Francis Byte is from the Marvel Productions Universe series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.
For villain of the same name, see Videoman.

Francis Byte is a young man who can transform into a version of Videoman.


Francis Byte was just a normal boy who played video games at his local arcade. He particularly like one called Zellman Command.

When the villain known as Gamesman sent out a hypnotic signal, it entranced the people of New York City with the exception of Francis, his girlfriend Louise, Spider-Man and Firestar. Francis was spared because he was distracted by Louise and the game.

Soon afterwards, the various games exploded and he was transformed into a being of electronic data, similar to the supervillain Videoman. For whatever reason, he took on the name of that creature.

He tried to use his powers to help Spider-Man, Firestar, and Iceman but was inexperienced. The Spider-Friends refused his help.

He learned that the Gamesman captured Louise and went to save her. Gamesman then bribed him into manipulating a military weapons calculation system. Videoman agrees but is betrayed.

He then helps the Spider-Friends free Louise and reverse the damage done to the military computer. Afterwards, the X-Men ask him to join and he accepts. Louise also accepts him and his new powers.


Francis was voiced by Frank Welker.

His last name is based on a byte, a unit of digital information.

Videoman and Francis Byte were original characters created for the series. Videoman was adapted into the comics but Francis has not.

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