Frank Drake
Frank Drake DSD
Real Name Frank Drake
Powers and Abilities Martial Arts, Leaps very high
Team Affiliations Vampire Hunters
Allies Al
Family and Friends Count Dracula (Great-Grandfather)
Dolores (Step-Great-Grandmother)
Janus (Great-Uncle)
Frank Drake is from the Non MAU video Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.

Frank Drake is the great-grandson of infamous vampire Count Dracula, from a lineage that began before Dracula was resurrected by Satan.


Physical Therapy
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Frank knew about his family history though chose to ignore it. Then vampire hunters Rachel Van Helsing and Hans Harker came and recruited him, along with a dog Elijah. He initially refused but became interested in Rachel. Frank carried around a rifle while they hunted him. He grew frustrated when after a year they did not find him. They eventually tracked the vampire to a church where they were defeated by the Count. Later, Frank witnessed God resurrecting the infant baby Janus, who happens to be his uncle. They then saw a human Dracula wandering the streets of Boston and followed him to New York City and then Transylvania where Hans killed the vampire.


Frank Drake was voiced by Dan Woren in the English dub, Frederic Girard in the French, and Keiichi Noda in Japanese.

This is currently the only version of the character in animation.

In the ComicsEdit

Frank Drake is introduced much earlier in the story. In it he is a millionaire playboy who had squandered his inheritance and had nothing other than his ancestral castle. He travelled to Transylvania with his girlfriend and friend planning to sell it or make it into a tourist attraction. It was there that he discovered that it once belonged to Count Dracula and he is Dracula's ancestor, though he never truly believed in the legends. When Drake and his friend find Dracula's skeleton they accidentally resurrect him. Drake narrowly escaped when Dracula recognized his descendant, but his girlfriend and friend were not so lucky. He then went to London where he was going to commit suicide when Rachel Van Helsing saved him. This is where the movie picks up, which is probably why Frank seems so interested in the news report that everyone else ignores and why he seems to know so much about vampires in the first place. Though it appears that he simply knows that he's a descendant of Dracula.

Rachel and Frank became lovers. However, after Quincy/Hans death they separated because of his feelings of inadequacy and her emotional inhibitions.

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