Real Name Yuri Topolov
Alternate Identity Gargoyle
Team Affiliations Russian
Allies Leader
Bruce Banner

Yuri Topolov, also known as Gargoyle, is a brilliant scientist and right-hand man to Leader.


Once Mother Russia's greatest scientist, his experiments with gamma radiation reduced his physical to an ugly grey dwarf. Hoping to cure himself, he sided with Leader, believing that once he captured Bruce Banner, he would learn why Banner is able to turn back into a normal looking human and why he is constantly deformed.

Although he couldn't stand Leader's arrogance, he stayed with him until he was banished from Leader's lab. Whilst away from Leader, he attempted to cure himself, instead creating a gamma virus that was spreading throughout Detroit. He and Banner worked together on a cure, which Gargoyle selflessly handed over to Betty Ross, wishing to save her life instead of curing his own mutation.

He continued to hound Banner hoping for a cure, but found his attentions distracted by She-Hulk, who he fell for, despite her loathing every fiber of his being. He then persuade both Banner and his cousin.


Gargoyle was voiced by Mark Hamill. His appearance on X-Men was unvoiced.

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