Geirmarr TTA
Real Name Geirmarr
Team Affiliations Frost Giants
Family and Friends Thrym (Father)

Geirmarr is a Frost Giant and the son of the Thrym and heir to the throne of Jotunheim.


Physical Therapy
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When he heard that Thor used Elderstahl to kill two sentries, Geirmarr went off to siege Asgard. He was brash and wanted to attack Asgard to get the sword when he saw Algrim enter the city with it. He then proposed killing Thor when he did get the sword.


Geirmarr was voiced by Michael Dobson.

Geirmarr is an original character made to give a Jotun counterpart to Thor.

Geirmarr means "spear-steed." The name derives from the Sigurd stones.