Ghost (Iron Man Armored Adventures)
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Ghost
Powers and Abilities Ghost Armor (Becomes Intangible or Invisible, Creates Holograms)
Allies A.I.M.
Whitney Stane
Obadiah Stane
Justin Hammer

The man known only as Ghost is an armored criminal and assassin.


Physical Therapy
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Ghost was hired by A.I.M. to find and kill Tony Stark. However, he was bought out of cancelling the hit by Whitney Stane.

Later, A.I.M. once more hired him to kidnap Living Laser from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Their purpose was to use the supervillain to power MODOC. Ghost succeeded and MODOC was powered up. When MODOC turned against the leader of A.I.M., Ghost slipped away in the confusion.

Obadiah Stane hired him to steal the blueprints to the Iron Man armor. He was successful, though eh doublecrossed him and sold the armors to Justin Hammer.


Ghost was voiced by Michael Dobson.

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