Real Name Gila
Allies Lizard

Gila is a reptile who had been transformed by the blood of Lizard.


She was once a regular reptile in the sewers of New York City. She and other reptiles gained intelligence after drinking some of Curt Connors' DNA. They transformed into large humanoids. They found the source of the DNA and discovered that he was a human who could transform into Lizard. They brought him into the sewers to make him their king, calling him father. When Spider-Man intervened she tried to argue in favor of humans causing the others to tie her up as well. Eventually Mary Jane Watson, Martha Connors, and Debra Whitman came with a bomb that negated anything affected by neogenics. Gila grabbed the bomb, having realized that they were a mistake, and set it off returning to normal.


Gila was voiced by Kathy Garver.

She is an original character to the series.

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