Gina Atwater
Gina Atwater
Real Name Gina Atwater
Family and Friends Stephen Strange
Mrs. Carranza
Gina Atwater is from the Non MAU video Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme.

Gina Atwater is a doctor and hospital administrator.


Little is known about the life of Gina.

At some point she became a hospital administrator in New York City. However, she entered into an adversarial relationship with her colleague Stephen Strange, who she viewed as merely arrogant and selfish.

At one point, she found that the hospital was filled with sick children and she was unable to determine the cause. Her superior, Oliver, forced Stephen to help her. Stephen viewed the case of Camille Carranza but refused to help.

Stephen was then in a car accident that damaged his hands. He became angry, traveling the world, and blowing all his money on every possible way to fix them. He eventually came to her looking for help on getting to Tibet. She helped and he disappeared.

He eventually came back and used magic to make her sleep. She then had a dream that Stephen came to her and apologized. When she woke she found that all the children were awake and okay.


Gina was voiced by Susan Spano.

She is an original character to the video.

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