Real Name Gladiator
Powers and Abilities Flight, Incredible Strength and Durability
Team Affiliations Imperial Guard
Allies X-Men
For the Planet Hulk job see Gladiator.

Gladiator is the leader of the Imperial Guard. He is bound to protect the ruler of the Shi'ar Empire regardless of who that person may be.


Gladiator came to Earth after the fugitive Lilandra. He showed his massive strength by taking a direct punch from Juggernaut without flinching. He then knocked the villain far away into the Atlantic Ocean. He was then defeated by the Phoenix Force-possessed Jean Grey.

When Emperor D'Ken got the power of the M'Kraan crystal and showed the extent of his madness by trying to reshape the universe, Gladiator sided with the X-Men against him.

When Phoenix in Jean's body became a destructive force, Gladiator led the Imperial Guard in fighting the X-Men over her fate. Gladiator fought Rogue and they destroyed the structure they were fighting in, and then Gladiator rose, victorious. Phoenix then used life energy from the X-Men to resurrect Jean and disappeared.


Gladiator was voiced by Richard Epcar.

This is currently the only animated version of the character.

In the ComicsEdit

His real name is Kallark.

He faced Colossus instead of Rogue, who didn't exist as a character yet by the time of the Dark Phoenix saga.

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