Glenn Talbot
Glenn Talbot
Real Name Glenn Talbot
Alternate Identity Major
Team Affiliations United States Military

Major Glenn Talbot is a member of the United States Military and is the right-hand man to General Thaddeus Ross as part of the Hulkbusters.


Physical Therapy
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Talbot believed that Hulk was a threat to the security of the world. Like General Ross, he also had a personal stake in the situation. He was in love with Betty Ross, who had her heart set on marrying Bruce Banner as she worked night and day on a cure for him.

Talbot tried to eliminate The Hulk at every opportunity, but failed time after time. After the Ghost Rider gave him the Penance Stare, he became more selfless and serious.


Talbot was voiced by Kevin Schon.

In the ComicsEdit

Talbot was the one who discovered that Bruce was the Hulk causing him to become a fugitive.

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