Real Name God
Powers and Abilities Seemingly unlimited, Can resurrect the dead, Can bestow powers upon someone
Team Affiliations Heaven
Allies Abraham Van Helsing
Jonathan Harker
Hans Harker
Rachel Van Helsing
Frank Drake
Count Dracula
God is from the Non MAU video Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.
Physical Therapy
Boy, is that all you got?
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God is a powerful entity and the epitome of good. He is the opposite of the evil figure Satan. He resides in Heaven and comes to Earth to help humanity. He is usually represented by the image of the cross. God gave the woman Dolores vast powers to fight evil, which she used to defeat Satan. He resurrected the body of Janus to fight evil, particularly vampires and especially Count Dracula. He often works in mysterious ways, as he had Dracula kill the vampire Sir Tomo with the image of a cross burnt into the former vampire's hand. After Dracula died, he returned Janus to an infant.

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