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A list of the micro-episodes of Guardians of the Galaxy.


Script # Title Writer(s) Director(s) Online Airdate
M01 "Star-Lord Origins, Part One" August 2, 2015
M02 "Star-Lord Origins, Part Two" August 2, 2015
M03 "Groot Origins, Part One" August 9, 2015
M04 "Groot Origins, Part Two" August 9, 2015
M05 "Rocket Raccoon Origins, Part One" August 16, 2015
M06 "Rocket Raccoon Origins, Part Two" August 16, 2015
M07 "Drax Origins, Part One" August 23, 2015
M08 "Drax Origins, Part Two" August 23, 2015
M09 "Gamora Origins, Part One" August 30, 2015
M10 "Gamora Origins, Part Two" August 30, 2015

Full EpisodeEdit

All the micro-episodes were compiled into one full episode.

Script # Title Writer(s) Director(s) Television Airdate
1 "Origins" July 26, 2015

Other SeasonsEdit

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