Hans Harker
Hans Harker DSD
Real Name Hans Harker
Team Affiliations Vampire Hunters
Family and Friends Jonathan Harker (Father)
Hans Harker is from the Non MAU video Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.
Physical Therapy
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Hans Harker is the son of famed Vampire Hunter Jonathan Harker. Jonathan was killed while trying to destroy Count Dracula so Jonathan dedicated his life to destroying the vampire lord. However, he is confined to a wheelchair. He recruited Rachel Van Helsing, Frank Drake, and Elijah to his cause. They operated out of his mansion in Boston. He tracked Dracula to a church where they were defeated. They then tracked him to New York City and followed him to Transylvania. Hans sacrificed his life to destroy Dracula by stabbing him with a silver stake then using bombs in his wheelchair to destroy himself, the vampire, and the Count's castle.


Since official cast listings have not been revealed, it is only known that Raymond Baillet voiced him in the French dub while Joaquin Escola played him in the Spanish version.

In the ComicsEdit

Hans was named Quincy.

Quincy's mother was Mina Harker. The video makes no mention of her.

Quincy had a daughter who was bitten and turned by Dracula.

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