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Harry Osborn
Harry Osborn USM
Real Name Harry Osborn
Alternate Identity Spider-Man
Powers and Abilities Venom Symbiote (Same as Spider-Man, Nullifies Spider-Sense)
Family and Friends Norman Osborn (Father)
Peter Parker
Mary Jane Watson
Harry Osborn is from the Marvel Animation Universe series Ultimate Spider-Man.

Harry Osborn is a high school student and friend to Peter Parker. When he bonded with the symbiote he became the second Spider-Man before taking on the name of Venom. Harry is the son of the inventor Norman Osborn.


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Harry was a student at Midtown High School along with Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

He was badly injured when Klaw came to the school and attacked the student. He was trying to protect Mary Jane and Peter from the Frightful Four's rampage.

When Peter began hanging out with four new students, Harry became jealous.

He later threw a big party that was crashed by Venom. Harry found a fragment of the symbiote and kept it. It eventually bonded to him making another suit.

Harry decided to "one-up" Spider-Man by being a better hero. Everyone loved the Harry Spider-Man, even J. Jonah Jameson. However, the symbiote's personality took over and he attacked Spider-Man as Venom. Venom attacked Spider-Man, who electrocuted Venom. The symbiote appeared to disintegrate freeing Harry.

However, some of the symbiote managed to survive and stay with Harry. It caused Venom to beat up Batroc and targeted Norman, but Spider-Man injected Harry with Anti-Venom which drove Venom into Harry's blood. Norman took a blood sample from Harry containing part of Venom and gave it to Octavius.


Harry Osborn is voiced by Matt Lanter.

In the Comics

In the original 616 universe Harry became the second Green Goblin following the death of his father. In the Ultimate universe he became Hobgoblin, similar to his father's version of Green Goblin. He has never bonded with any symbiote in either universe.

In the original universe, he did not meet Peter until college. He was put off by Peter's attitude, believing him to be snobby, only to realize that Peter was merely shy.

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