Heather Hudson
Heather Hudson
Real Name Heather Hudson
Team Affiliations Alpha Flight
Allies Wolverine
Family and Friends James Hudson (Husband)

Heather Hudson is the wife of the Canadian superhero Vindicator.


Physical Therapy
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James and Heather found the feral Logan and convinced him to join Alpha Flight, but he would later defect and join the X-Men.

Years later, Heather called Wolverine so he could be ambushed by Alpha Flight. When she found Vindicator wanted Wolverine's adamantium skeleton, she opposed, and Wolverine was saved by the timely arrival of the rest of Alpha Flight.


Heather was voiced by Rebecca Jenkins.

First version of the character outside the comics and currently the only animated version.

In the ComicsEdit

Goes by the name Vindicator as part of Alpha Flight.

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