Hobgoblin Computer Virus
Hobgoblin Computer Virus
Real Name Hobgoblin Computer Virus
Powers and Abilities Erases Files
Likeness of Hobgoblin
Family and Friends Hobgoblin (Programmer)

The Hobgoblin Computer Virus is a virus programmed by the supervillain Hobgoblin to be used against Herbert Landon and his mutant research.

Landon was using the research by Dr. Hank McCoy, which was meant as a cure, to destroy all mutants. Hobgoblin found out about this and began blackmailing him. In retaliation, Landon tried to blow up Hobgoblin with a bomb. Hobgoblin survived and infiltrated Landon's research facility.

Hobgoblin Bad Hacker

He found the servers containing the mutant research. He downloaded all the data onto a CD-ROM then quickly designed his own program. The virus erased all traces of the mutant research so that Hobgoblin had the only copy. The virus then overwrote a three-dimension image of a woman with one of Hobgoblin, complete with his voice. It then said that all the data was erased.

It is unknown what happened to the virus afterwards. With all the useful data erased, it's likely that the servers were wiped to clear the virus completely.


The virus was voiced by Mark Hamill.

It is the only computer generated "character" in the series. Computer animation was used for Spider-Man's cityscape, but it was not until Galactus in Silver Surfer that another character was created digitally.

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