Odin Hears Of Thor AEMH
Hugin and his brother Munin
Real Name Hugin
Team Affiliations Asgardians
Allies Odin
Family and Friends Munin (Brother)
Hugin is from the Christopher Yost Animated Universe.

Hugin and his brother Munin are ravens who bring information to Odin in Asgard.


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Hugin and his brother watched when Thor returned from Midgard to stop the Frost Giants' siege of Asgard. They returned to Odin to tell him of his son's return.

When Loki brought the Hulk to Asgard, the brute tried to kill Odin during his Odinsleep. Hugin, Munin, and many other ravens tried to distract Hulk so that Sif and Amora could attack. However, they were all thunderclapped away.


In the ComicsEdit

Hugin died in a battle with Surtur. Was resurrected by Balder when he was king.

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