Human Torch
Original Human Torch
Real Name Human Torch
Powers and Abilities Unknown (Fire Related)
Family and Friends Frankie Raye

The Human Torch is an android.


Little is known about the Human Torch android.

When Frankie Raye was a child, her father had Human Torch in his laboratory. It is unknown if he was working on it or building it.

Frankie went down into the lab and saw the android. However, she spilled something on her that eventually gave her fire-based powers.

Years later, she met and fell for Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four, who also went by the name Human Torch. It is unknown whether Storm used the name as an homage or if it was coincidental.

When the Fantastic Four questioned Raye on her powers, she remembered going into the lab. Soon after she became the Herald of Galactus under the name Nova.


Human Torch was unnamed and unvoiced, little more than a cameo.

In the ComicsEdit

Fought in World War II along with Captain America and Namor as part of the Invaders.

Uses the name Jim Hammond.

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