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Real Name Morris Bench
Alternate Identity Morrie
Powers and Abilities Transforms and Controls Water
Team Affiliations Frightful Four
Family and Friends Mary Jane Watson (Ex-Girlfriend)
Hydro-Man (Clone)
You may be looking for the Spider-Man episode "Hydro-Man".

Hydro-Man was a supervillain with the power to control and turn his body into water.


Physical Therapy
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Morrie Bench used to date Mary Jane until they broke up. He then joined the United States Navy. Whilst in the service, a freak accident dragged him to the bottom of the ocean and his body was covered in a strange chemical. He could now turn into water and control any liquid as long as he was close to it. He then called himself Hydro-Man.

Hydro-Man joined the Frightful Four along with Trapster and Medusa under the command of Wizard. They tried to defeat the Fantastic Four. However, they were defeated.

Hydro-Man then went back to trying to impress Mary Jane. He began a series of high end crimes to get treasure for her. He kidnapped her but she ran from him. Spider-Man intervened but he was able to evade the hero. Mary Jane led Hydro-Man to a rooftop on a hot day far from water. He tried to grab her but splashed across the roof. He began evaporating but was never seen again having apparently evaporating and dying.

Miles Warren later recreated his mind through a clone from his DNA he retrieved from the scene of his demise.


Hydro-Man can control water along with turning his body into water.


He is obsessive. He believes that he can have Mary Jane back even after she clearly states otherwise.

Alternate Versions

A clone of Hydro-Man later returned but he, along with the cloned version of Mary Jane simply fell apart, due to an unstable cloning procedure. He was created by Miles Warren.


Hydro-Man was voiced by Rob Paulsen, who also voiced his clone, on Spider-Man and Brad Garrett on Fantastic Four.

Hydro-Man was a replacement for Sandman, who could not be used in the series due to a proposed film. Both characters have similar powers, though Sandman's is obviously with sand.

Hydro-Man is one of the few characters believed to have actually died since he is never seen again after evaporating.

In terms of Fantastic Four and Spider-Man being in the same universe, it's unknown just whether the version on Fantastic Four is the original or clone.

As of Ultimate Spider-Man, this is the only version of Hydro-Man. Morris Bench appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man but without powers.

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