Ice Skating
Ice Skating SSM
Real Name Ice Skating
Ice Skating is from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Ice Skating is an activity where a person travels along the ice on shoes with blades on the bottom. People usually skate in the winter and Christmas season when it is cold enough to have ice.

On Christmas Eve a group of high school students went to Rockefeller Center to skate on the rink in the Lower Plaza. Randy Robertson skated well with his girlfriend Sandy Avril. Kenny Kong and Glory Grant skated until he fell. He almost hit Peter Parker who simply leapt over him. He didn't want them suspecting he was Spider-Man so he quickly slipped and fell for show. Liz Allen decided to give Peter a few lessons until she saw that Flash Thompson was hurting. When rejected Peter tried to skate with Gwen Stacy who was not happy to be his second choice.

Their session was interrupted when Electro and Vulture attacked the Plaza. Spider-Man arrived to knock out Vulture and led Electro away.

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