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Alternate Identity Robert "Bobby" Drake
Powers and Abilities Ice Control
Team Affiliations X-Men
Physical Therapy
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One of the original X-Men members, Bobby Drake had a low level of discipline often creating tension between himself and Xavier. Tired of having Xavier on his back, Bobby and his girlfriend, Lorna left the institute, hoping to lead normal lives.

They succeeded in this for a short while, but began arguing with one another about their gifts. Lorna believed that they should be using them to help others, whilst Bobby simply wanted to lead a normal life. After he returned home to find their home ruined and Lorna missing, Bobby went searching.


He’s Big, He’s Bad, He’s the Iceman

His search led him to a Government compound, where he hoped to find answers. Instead, he found the X-Men, who took him back to the Institute against his will. After his pleas to be released were ignored by Cyclops and Xavier, Jubilee helped him escape and the two of them returned to the compound only to find Lorna had joined X Factor, and had fallen in love with Havoc.

He returned to the mansion shortly afterwards, made peace with Xavier and left again. He made a cameo appearance as one the memories of Xavier in a later episode.

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