Infinity Stones
Infinity Gauntlet SHSS
The Six Stones in the Infinity Gauntlet
Real Name Infinity Stones
Alternate Identity Infinity Gems
Powers and Abilities Individually: Grants vast powers
Together: Grants Virtual Omnipotence and Omniscience
Allies Thanos
Dark Surfer
Adam Warlock
Doctor Doom
Iron Man
Family and Friends Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Sword
Infinity Pool
Infinity Fractal
Infinity Stones are from the Non MAU series The Super Hero Squad Show.

The Infinity Stones are seven incredibly powerful gems. Each one individually grants the user great powers. When the seven are united they give the user power over all things.


  • Soul Stone: Colored green. Can control, manipulate, alter, or steal the souls of living or dead. Can be countered by animal powers.
  • Time Stone: Colored orange. Can manipulate time. Can be countered by energy.
  • Space Stone: Colored purple. Can manipulate and warp space. Can be countered by high speeds.
  • Mind Stone: Colored blue. Can read the minds of others and greatly enhances intelligence. Can be countered by great strength.
  • Reality Stone: Colored yellow. Can manipulate reality even beyond scientific laws. Can be countered by elemental powers.
  • Power Stone: Colored red. Accesses all the power that has or ever will exist. Also boosts the other gems. Can be countered by technology.
  • Ego Stone: Colored gold. Unknown powers. Forged into the Infinity Sword that was later destroyed into several Infinity Fractals.

In an attempt at deception, the Asgardian God of Mischief Loki created a pink Rhythm Stone. Though it is not an actual Infinity Stone.


Thanos began collecting the Infinity Stones so he could obtain unlimited power. He collected six of them putting them into his glove, forming the Infinity Gauntlet.

He came to Earth looking for the seventh stone, then formed into the Infinity Sword. Silver Surfer offered the mad titan the sword then took the Gauntlet. He used the Soul Stone to trap Thanos.

The power of the Stones corrupted him and he became the Dark Surfer. He used the stones to scatter the Super Hero Squad across various alternate dimensions. He also moved the Earth out of its orbit.

The Squaddies came back together and confronted Dark Surfer. Dark Surfer then separated himself into six different versions, each with one stone. The heroes used their powers to overcome and defeat their former squadmate. Dark Surfer sent the stones and sword into the Infinity Pool. This destroyed the stones and sword into Infinity Fractals. They were spread across the universe. Everything that Dark Surfer did was undone and all the souls were freed from the Soul Stone. He eventually reverted to Silver Surfer.


First animated version of the Stones/Gems.

They were originally called the Infinity Stones, but are now more commonly called the Infinity Gems.

The seventh Ego Gem is from a 1995 crossover comic series. It's power is that it contains the cosmic entity Nemesis. When combined with the other six it releases her.

The Rhythm Gem is an original creation for the series.

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