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Insidious Six
Former Members Doctor Octopus

The Insidious Six is a defunct group of supervillains formed to hunt down and destroy the superhero Spider-Man.



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The Kingpin sprang the six supervillains from prison, as he required their services to finally rid himself of Spider-Man. Kidnapping May Parker, the Six hoped to get Peter Parker to lead Spider-Man into a trap. After a battle with a powerless Spider-Man, they unmasked him. Believing Peter to be a fake, they again used him in hopes of luring Spider-Man.


After they were unsuccessful in defeating Spider-Man, they spilt up and concentrated on their own, solo efforts. When Kingpin devised a new plan for world domination, he once again called on the six, replacing the late Mysterio with Vulture. After helping Fisk locate the six keys required for the Doomsday Weapon and helping create Electro, the Six again split after The Kingpin was almost killed by the master of electricity, never to reunite again.


First version of the team outside the comics.

The name was changed from the Sinister Six due to censorship concerns. The censors felt the word "sinister" was too scary of a word for a children's show, despite X-Men using Mister Sinister.

In the Comics


Others who have joined the team include Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, Hobgoblin, Beetle, Venom, Hydro-Man, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Boomerang, Trapster, and Grim Reaper.

Doctor Octopus initially formed the team. Sandman, Green Goblin, and Hobgoblin have all formed their own versions.

Doctor Doom, Lizard, and Green Goblin were asked to form the original Six but all refused. Doom wanted to spend his efforts on the Fantastic Four, Goblin felt he could do defeat Spider-Man on his own, and Connors had no reason to stop Spider-Man when not the Lizard.

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