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Inuit are a group of Native Americans who live in northern regions such as Canada.



Inuits live in small fishing villages. Their homes are called tupiq and their canoes umiak. They often celebrate with Nalukataq, where they throw members of their tribes up into the air on blankets.

One tribe lived in the Baffin Island region of Canada. Their tribal elder was Pooyetah. There was a young man named Kiyoek. One day they found Logan nearly frozen on some floating ice. After nursing him back to health he helped their people fish. Kiyoek teamed up with Sabretooth to betray Logan, but Sabretooth betrayed him and kidnapped the tribe destroying their village. Kiyoek and Logan teamed up and stopped the villain while saving the tribe. Afterwards, Pooyetah decided it was time for them to go to the city.

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