Iron Man Armory
Iron Man Armory UA2
Real Name Iron Man Armory
Iron Man Armory is from the Non MAU videos Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers II.

The Iron Man Armory is the location where Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark, stores his various armors.

Armory Entrance UA2

Down he goes, into the abyss

Tony built the armory into his Stark Enterprises tower in New York City. As a tribute to his love of alcohol, Tony installed the secret entrance in his bar. The mechanism to open the entrance is located in a beer tap.

The armory is several stories tall and cylindrical in shape. He stores his dozens of armors in the walls of the armory. Several stories down is the main area where Tony works.

Among the armors he stores is his main Version 6.7 armor, the War Machine Armor, and Tin Man Armor.

Each and every armor is stored in its own slot. Tony is able to call any one out at a push of a button. They extend on a large mechanical arm to the central platform.

Armor Removal Area UA2

Talk about a litter bug

On the top level of the center is the table where Tony puts on and removes his armor. He has a large mechanical arm to help him remove armor.

Located down a spiral staircase are more armors including the War Machine and Tin Man armors.

During a mission in Wakanda Iron Man's armor was heavily damaged by warriors and the Chitauri Command Ship. Iron Man returned to the city. At that time the Command Ship entered Earth's atmosphere and extended an energy field around the planet.

Tony returned to Stark Enterprises. He laid on a table in the armory drinking some alcohol while he tried to take his armor off. He put a brace on his knee. Upstairs, Jarvis watched the news on the energy field before entering the armory.

As Jarvis entered the room Tony pressed a control which caused a large mechanical arm to descend. the arm lifted his broken chest piece off, breaking the sticky residue that kept the armor to his body. He simply left the rest of his armor lie around him.

Tony needed to find a new armor to use so he and Jarvis descended the stairs going deeper into the armory. Jarvis suggested the Tin Man armor as he liked the color and design. However, Tony felt he needed heavier equipment.

War Machine Intro UA2

Armor at the touch of his fingers

Tony suggested the War Machine armor. But Jarvis felt like it handled like a ten ton tractor. Tony decided to disregard that because it had powerful guns. He flipped a switch and watched the missile launcher and mini-gun move into position.