Iron Wasp
Iron Wasps NAHT
Real Name Iron Wasp
Powers and Abilities Flight, Shoots energy
Team Affiliations Iron Avengers
Allies Iron Man
Iron Wasp is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.
Physical Therapy
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The Iron Wasps was a series of robots built in the memory of the Wasp along with the rest of the Iron Avengers. Like the others, it was built by Iron Man to battle Ultron but was never used. The swarm was hidden inside Iron Giant Man. When James Rogers activated the Iron Captain America, Iron Cap activated the rest of the Iron Avengers. It flew off with the rest but was corrupted by Ultron. They attacked the Scavengers at the Ultra City Citadel. Iron Giant Man eventually came to the desert and fought Henry Pym, Jr. but was stopped. It released the Iron Wasp swarm who then followed Pym and attacked Bruce Banner. They were all destroyed when he became the Hulk.


Iron Wasps was unvoiced.