Real Name Ivar
Team Affiliations Wanderers
Allies Lord Glenn
Silver Surfer

Ivar is one of the Wanderers and assistant to Lord Glenn.


Ivar was the assistant the his planet's leader, Lord Glenn. Unfortunately, when the Herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer, came to their planet the citizens were forced to leave. They joined the Wanderers, a collection of people whose homeworlds were destroyed by Galactus.

He helped Glenn and the Wanderers attack Galactus when the planet eater had become ill. However, they were defeated for even in his weakened state Galactus was too powerful for them.

They then captured Silver Surfer for the crimes he committed while herald as well as helping Galactus regain his health. They put him on trial for crimes against the people of the universe. They created a device that neutralized the Power Cosmic and left him on a dangerous planet to fight for his life. Even without powers, he survived and proved his heroism. The Wanderers removed the device so he could regain his powers and let him go realizing he could be helpful.


Ivar was voiced by John Stocker, who voiced Graydon Creed Jr. and Leech on X-Men.

He is an original character to Silver Surfer with no particular basis in the comics.

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