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War Machine
War Machine Avengers EMH
Real Name James Rhodes
Alternate Identity Rhodey
War Machine
Powers and Abilities War Machine Armor
Team Affiliations United States Military
Allies Avengers
Family and Friends Tony Stark
Pepper Potts
War Machine is from the Non MAU series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

James Rhodes, also called Rhodey, is a close friend of Tony Stark who fights crime as War Machine


Tony's FriendEdit

James Rhodes' early life is largely unknown. Rhodey was a member of the United States Military and constantly wore his uniform. At some point he became friends with Tony Stark. Tony brought him into the fold when Tony began wearing a suit of armor to become the superhero Iron Man. During this time he became friends with Tony's assistant Pepper Potts.

However, Tony's actions caused Rhodey to grow alarmed. He felt that he was doing work that S.H.I.E.L.D. should be doing. Though Tony got out of the weapons business, Rhodey felt at the very least Tony should help the Hulkbusters as they tried to stop the Hulk. But Tony largely ignored Rhodey's requests and continued fighting crime alone.

One day Tony went off to fight a giant robot in California. After he came back Rhodey asked to speak with Tony. Tony picked him up in his car and they drove down the freeway to Stark Tower. While driving they watched the news report on Tony's car's television.

Tony Rhodey Argue AEMH

Bumpy friendship

After the report was over Rhodey turned the television off. He was upset that Tony did not mention the robot. Tony then began to brag that the robot was bigger than it appeared in the footage. However, Rhodey saw that as proving his point. He thought Tony was fighting S.H.I.E.L.D. who were just trying to help as he was. Tony saw it as improving his image.

Tony then gunned the engine and passed a semi truck. Tony got tired of talking about the same thing once again. Rhodey reiterated that he should help the Hulkbusters. Tony then jokingly said that the giant robot was more entertaining than Rhodey. Tony then sped forward towards Stark Tower.

Tony pulled into the garage and the two got out of the car. Pepper was waiting for them. Tony approached her and jokingly said that she didn't need to park the car as they had valets for that. Tony asked what was wrong and she told him that HYDRA had attacked the United Nations and she had been trying to call Tony for the last twenty minutes.

They went to his office to watch the news. They watched as a large HYDRA Octopus Robot left the East River and attacked the UN building. It opened the bottom and released a group of HYDRA soldiers. Tony turned it off and moved the large painting down to cover the television.

Tony asked where S.H.I.E.L.D. was and Pepper told him that they were forty minutes away. She then revealed that the UN was in full assembly and had every world leader including the President of the United States of America. Tony then turned to leave. Rhodey asked where he was going and Tony told Pepper to reschedule his lunch meeting.

He then left to don the Mark VI and fly to the UN.

After Iron Man left the building Rhodey radioed in and told him to be careful. Tony said he wasn't going to start then and claimed it would only take him ten or fifteen minutes.

During the battle, Rhodey comforted Pepper.

War MachineEdit

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As War Machine, he helped Iron Man fight Crimson Dynamo.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


James Rhodes, like Pepper Potts, is a no-nonsense person. Unlike Tony he looks at the practical side of Iron Man's adventures and worries about his friend's safety. He wants to be able to help his friend though he does not appear to know how exactly.


Tony StarkEdit

Tony Rhodey AEMH

Always at his side

Despite their ideological differences they are good friends. Though the two constantly bicker about things such as what Tony should actually be doing with the armor, Rhodey supports Tony.

Pepper PottsEdit

James and Pepper are Tony's two closest friends. As such they appear to spend plenty of time together because of Tony. They also comfort each other while Tony is away saving the world.


War Machine is voiced by LeVar Burton who voiced the character on The Super Hero Squad Show.

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