Janus Dracula
Janus DSD
Real Name Janus Dracula
Powers and Abilities Energy blasts, Transforms into large Golden Hawk
Team Affiliations Heaven
Allies God
Vampire Hunters
Family and Friends Count Dracula (Father)
Dolores (Mother)
Frank Drake (Great-Nephew)
Janus is from the Non MAU video Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.

Janus is the son of infamous vampire Count Dracula and mortal woman Dolores.


He was born on Christmas Eve in Boston. However, the Fellowship of the Black Mass, who worshipped Satan, wanted revenge against Dracula and lured his family to their church under the guise of wanting to baptize Janus. There, the Cult Priest shot and killed Janus. Janus was buried, Dracula went into hiding, and Dolores became suicidal.

Janus Adult DSD

When Dolores tried to commit suicide, God resurrected Janus where he became the good counterpart to the evil of Dracula. He was aged to an adult and given his mother's vast powers, influenced by Dracula's own. He could transform into a large golden hawk and shoot energy blasts. He confronted and fought Dracula but lost. When Dracula became human again, Janus could not kill him unless he became a vampire once more. Janus followed his father to Transylvania where he became a vampire but he and his castle were destroyed by Hans Harker.

Janus returned to his mother and told him of his father's death. God returned him to his infant body to be raised by Dolores.


Since official cast listings have not been released, it is unknown who voiced Janus in any dub.

In the ComicsEdit

His full name is Janus Tepes.

Janus was conceived because of a magical spell.

Janus was resurrected when Domini merged his body with the Golden Angel.

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