Jean-Luc LeBeau
Real Name Jean-Luc LeBeau
Team Affiliations Thieves Guild
Family and Friends Gambit (Son)
Jean-Luc LeBeau is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.
Physical Therapy
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Jean-Luc LeBeau is leader of a crime family called the Thieves Guild and is Gambit's adoptive father.

Jean-Luc was captured by a rival crime family, the Rippers. Remy LeBeau, also known as Gambit, saved his father by kidnapping Rogue and using her to gain the location of Jean-Luc. It was revealed that Jean-Luc only needed Gambit for his powers and thieving abilities in a conversation between the two.

After Gambit had untied Jean-Luc from a chair he had been strapped to, Jean-Luc told him to wait saying "We're in de heart of the Ripper's stronghold. Do yo' know what an opportunity dis is? Let's raid dis place and do some real damage! We could ruin they're family." Gambit replied that he didn't need him for that. Jean-Luc said "No, I don't. But I do need yo' powers." Later, Jean-Luc saw Rogue absorb two of the Rippers, exclaiming "She can do all dat wit' jus' a touch of her finger?!" implying that he was thinking of using Rogue the same way he used Gambit. In the end, Rogue goes back to the X-Men, and Gambit and Jean-Luc leave.

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