Wolverine Drives Out of Garage
Wolverine driving his Jeep
Real Name Jeep
Powers and Abilities Off-Road Vehicle
Family and Friends Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Cherokee

A Jeep is a type of automobile. It is designed for use off-road and over tough terrain. It is often used by militaries. Two popular models of Jeep include the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee.

It has been followed by the larger-sized HUMVEE, though is still in use.


Jeeps are most easily identifiable from their iron flat radiator grille.

They have a box-like frame with large flat areas.

They have large wheels and tall suspension to drive over rocks and rough roads.

Many of them are convertibles and are often driven around with no top. They have a bar across the top to prevent the people inside from being crushed should the vehicle roll over.


Wolverine Jeep Cliffside

Wolverine of the X-Men owned a Jeep. He kept it in the Xavier Mansion's garage.

Hunters tried to enter the African nation of Wakanda in a Jeep, but were stopped by Klaw's sonic ape.

The Hulkbusters, commanded by General Thaddeus Ross, kept Jeeps around the military base.

NASA kept Jeeps around the launch pad for both Solaris One and Solaris Two.


Jeep is one of the few name brand products to be used in the Marvel Animated Universe, being called so by name by Morph. Though the term Jeep came from a general term for these kind of vehicles before it became a brand name.

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