This article is written from the Real World perspective Stan Lee
Jerry Siegel
Born October 17, 1914
Cleveland, Ohio
Died January 28, 1996
Los Angeles, California
Positions Writer

Jerome "Jerry" Siegel (born October 17, 1914; died January 28, 1996) was the writer of the live-action segments of The Marvel Super Heroes. He is most famous, along with Joe Shuster, as the creator of one of the first superheroes and popular icon Superman. He has also been credited as Joe Carter when working at Marvel Comics and Jerry Ess.


He has created, or helped to create, characters like Superboy, Cosmic King, Jor-El, Lois Lane, Perry White, Lex Luthor, Metallo, Mister Mxyzptlk, Jimmy Olsen, Plantman, Spectre, and Ultra-Humanite.

He has been credited as a writer in virtually every adaptation of his characters.

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