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Real Name Kang
You may be looking for the The Avengers: United They Stand "Kang".

Kang is a time-traveler trying to take over the world.


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Kang was a time traveler from the year 2130 AD. He ruled the world with an iron first but was imprisoned in an obelisk by a riot. He was freed by Falcon’s nephew in 2001 AD. He battles the Avengers who have stolen his obelisk. To save Wasp, Ant-Man gave the obelisk to Kang however; the obelisk contained a virus that trapped Kang in between dimensions.

To free himself from the time-limbo, Kang had to split himself into two-parts: his violent and wicked side, Kang, and his rational but no less evil side, Immortus.


Kang goes about to battle the Avengers several more times, each time being met with failure. In the end, Kang is petrified by the Hydra, the pet of Baron von Strucker.


Kang was voiced by Ken Kramer.

On X-Men, the character of Bender is revealed to take the form of Immortus, Kang from a different time period. However, no connection is made between the two and he only takes on the name Bender.

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