Real Name Kang
Powers and Abilities Time Travel
Time Bombs
Energy Blasts
Temporal Tracker
For the Atlantean general, see Krang.
You may be looking for the The Avengers: United They Stand "Kang".

Kang is a time-traveler trying to take over the world.


Kang was a time traveler from the forty-first century. He ruled the world with an iron first but was imprisoned in an obelisk by a riot. He was freed by Falcon’s nephew in the twenty-first century. He battles the Avengers who have stolen his obelisk. To save Wasp, Ant-Man gave the obelisk to Kang however; the obelisk contained a virus that trapped Kang in between dimensions.


Kang was voiced by Ken Kramer.

On X-Men, the character of Bender is revealed to take the form of Immortus, Kang from a different time period. However, no connection is made between the two and he only takes on the name Bender.

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