Real Name Ulysses Klaw
Alternate Identity Klaw
Powers and Abilities Sonic Gun
Force Glove
Made of Sound
Allies Mercenaries

Klaw was a supervillain specializing in sonic weaponry. He was responsible for the creation of Black Panther.


Physical Therapy
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Klaw (Pre-sound)

Klaw before becoming pure sound

Klaw murdered T'Chaka, the king of Wakanda. The prince, T'Challa tried to avenge his father using Klaw's weapons against him, which resulted in the loss of Klaw's hand. The adult T'Challa took the mantle of Black Panther and sought the help of the Fantastic Four. Together, the five defeated Klaw.


Klaw was voiced by Charles Howerton.

In the ComicsEdit

He has been part of the Frightful Four, A.I.M., and Masters of Evil.

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