Real Name Korg
Powers and Abilities Incredible strength and durability, immunity to Spikes
Team Affiliations Warbound
Korg is from the Non MAU video Planet Hulk.
Physical Therapy
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Korg is a Kronan. He and his friend Margus went to the planet Earth where they hoped to capture a native, but they encountered Thor and Beta Ray Bill. The Kronans were defeated and fled through a wormhole, and Bill followed. The Kronans and Bill crashed on Sakaar and were forced into the gladiator games. Korg joined Hulk, Elloe, Miek, and Hiroim as part of the Warbound after the deaths of Laven Skee and Android. Together they defeated Margus and the other brainwashed Kronans, the Great Devil Corker, the Wildebots, the Eggbreaker, and Beta Ray Bill. Bill freed the gladiators and slaves and the Warbound went to An-Sara. The Red King sent a group of Spikes there to destroy Hulk, and Korg found he was immune to them. The Spikes were defeated and Caiera joined the Warbound. The team then went to the Royal Palace where Red King was killed by his own Death's Head Guards.

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