Real Name Krang
Team Affiliations Atlanteans
Allies Lady Dorma
For the time-traveling conqueror, see Kang.

Krang is a general of Atlantean forces.


Little is known about Krang's life. He wanted to invade the surface world but Prince Namor stopped him. He wanted to take over the surface world to win the heart of Lady Dorma. Eventually, Dorma came to him proposing that they team up together to overthrow Namor. Krang led the forces to the surface and attacked New York City, but they were stopped by Namor and the Fantastic Four. He tried to kill Namor but Dorma took the eel spear and died. Mister Fantastic used a special ray to evaporate the water in the Atlantean forces' helmets forcing them back in the water. However, Human Torch captured him. Presumably, he was sent to prison, either in Atlantis or the surface, for his crimes.


Krang was voiced by Neil Ross.

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