Lavinia Forbes
Lavinia Forbes
Real Name Lavinia Forbes

Lavinia Forbes is the renter in charge of the Baxter Building in New York City.


Lavinia's history is unknown.

At some point she became the renter of the Baxter Building.

One day she was approached by Reed Richards, his wife Susan Storm-Richards, her brother Johnathon Storm, and their friend Benjamin J. Grimm looking for an apartment. However, she was worried about them as they had superpowers but rented an apartment out to them anyways.

Unfortunately for her, they kept attracting the attention of supervillains. Eventually they moved out into the Four Freedoms Plaza.


Forbes was voiced by Joan Lee, wife of Stan Lee, in her first of three acting roles.

Lavinia Forbes was created specially for the series. Though she does have a similar counterpart in Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes named Courtney Bonner-Davis. She was based on the comics character Walter Collins, who rented out the apartment hoping for the prestige of having a superhero team in the building though quickly regretted the decision.

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