Layla True Form DSD
Real Name Layla
Powers and Abilities Vampirism (Immortality, Sucks blood from humans, Can turn into bat and smoke, Can create other vampires, Enhanced strength and durability)
Team Affiliations Vampire
Family and Friends Count Dracula (Creator)
Layla is from the Non MAU video Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.
Physical Therapy
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Layla Dance DSD

In human form

Layla is a vampire created by Count Dracula. For that, she hated him. Unlike other vampires, Layla quickly adjusted to the modern world. She can appear as a normal human or as a grey-skinned vampire. She lived and preyed in New York City and often went to a disco club to search for potential victims. Her murders became famous and Dracula sought her out after Satan made him mortal. After he killed her dinner, she refused his request to become a vampire once more and attacked him.


Since official cast listings have not been released, it is only known that Marcelle Lajeunesse played Layla in the French dubbing while Maria Dolores Diaz voiced her in the Spanish.

In the comics, her name is Lilith and she is the daughter of a pre-vampire Dracula similar to Frank Drake's ancestor.

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