Real Name Lilandra
Alternate Identity Empress
Team Affiliations Shi'ar Empire
Allies Imperial Guard
Family and Friends D'Ken (Brother)
Deathbird (Sister)
Charles Xavier (Love Interest)

Lilandra is the empress of the Shi'ar Empire. She has a strong connection with Charles Xavier.


Physical Therapy
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Lilandra sought the help of Xavier and his X-Men of Earth to help her defeat her evil brother D'Ken. During the short time they shared alone, Xavier and Lilandra quickly fell in love and eventually managed to defeat D'Ken. When Lilandra became the new heir to the Shi'ar throne, she kissed and thanked Xavier for his help and even offered for him to join her, but he declined to do this for as long as there is no peace between mankind and mutants. Lilandra left, but eventually returned to Earth when Xavier became deadly ill. She took Xavier to the Shi'ar Empire with her so they could heal him.


Lilandra was voiced by Camilla Scott.

Currently the only animated version of the character.

In the ComicsEdit

Lilandra was the one who gave Charles the hovering wheelchair that he is seen using throughout the series.

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