Iron Man Armors
Iron Man
The primary armor
Members Iron Man Armor
Subterranean Drill Armor
Inferno Armor
Samurai Armor
Radiation Armor
Lava Armor
Magnetic Armor
Bio-Energy Armor
Undersea Armor
Space Armor
Stealth Armor
Hulkbuster Armor
War Machine Armor
Former Members Mandarin Armor

This page details the list of Iron Man armors worn by Tony Stark's career as a superhero while working with Force Works and Avengers.

The armors are stored in the Iron Man Armory hidden in Stark Enterprises. There are hundreds of armors.

Iron Man ArmorEdit

Red and gold armor that is the primary armor worn by Iron Man. Good at many things but not specialized in any one thing. Was designed by Tony Stark and Wellington Yinsen to escape Mandarin.

Subterranean Drill ArmorEdit

A brown and gold armor with a large drill attachment for digging. Used to help Hawkeye when Iron Man and Ultimo were shrunk down and traversing his body.

Inferno ArmorEdit

Red, gold, and pink armor built to resist high temperatures. Uses fire-extinguishing foam. Used against Firebrand.

Samurai ArmorEdit

Blue and grey with highly stylized look. Unknown if ever used in combat.

Radiation ArmorEdit

Blue and silver armor designed to shield against radiation. Can fire blasts of X-Ray.

Lava ArmorEdit

Red and silver armor that, simlar to the Inferno Armor, can resist the extreme heat of lava.

Magnetic ArmorEdit

Purple and silver armor that can generate electromagnetic pulses. Used to fibrillate Hawkeye's heart.

Bio-Energy ArmorEdit

Red and gold armor built to counter Mandarin's anti-technology field. Powered by DNA.

Undersea ArmorEdit

Yellow armor with glass dome used for deep water situations.

Space ArmorEdit

Similar to the primary armor with a jet pack attachment.

Stealth ArmorEdit

Dark grey armor that is able to evade radar.

Hulkbuster ArmorEdit

Heavy duty exo-armor worn over his normal armor. Built to combat Firepower and repurposed to fight Hulk. Heavily damaged by Hulk.

War Machine ArmorEdit

Grey armor worn by James Rhodes as War Machine, not actually worn by Tony. Contains heavy weapons and greater armor.

Mandarin ArmorEdit

Designed by Mandarin using parts stolen from the Iron Man Armory, not worn by Tony. Eventually destroyed by Iron Man.


There were two additional armors that were created for Iron Man's toy line but did not appear in the show itself. One was an entirely silver armor dubbed the Arctic Armor, presumably to deal with extreme cold. The other was based on the Silver Centurion armor that was dubbed Hologram Armor.

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