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Liz Allan
Liz Allan SSM
Real Name Liz Allan
Family and Friends Mark Allan (Brother)
Flash Thompson (Ex-Boyfriend)
Peter Parker (Ex-Boyfriend)
Gwen Stacy
Mary Jane Watson
Sally Avril
Randy Robertson
Kenny Kong
Hobbie Brown
Liz Allan is from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Liz Allan is a high school student and cheerleader.


Physical Therapy
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Liz went to Midtown High and was a popular girl like the other cheerleaders. She dated Flash Thompson of the football team and was friends with Sally Avril and Glory Grant. She initially did not want to be around Peter Parker because of their social standings, but she had to when he began tutoring her. She eventually warmed up to him and began defending him.

Eventually, she chose to break it off with Flash and began dating Peter. Eventually, he broke up with her to be with Gwen Stacy. However, getting angry she made a big deal of publicly breaking up with him to save her reputation.


Liz Allan was voiced by Alanna Ubach.

Liz was made Hispanic for the series. Ironically, the Liz Allan of Spider-Man maintained the original white race but would constantly call Peter by a Spanish version of his name, "Pedro."

In the Comics

Peter liked Liz but she did not like him back. She did not express any feelings towards him until he began dating Betty Brant, and the two women would sometimes fight. She admitted her feelings for him at their graduation, but Peter told them they could not be together. She did not reappear afterwards until he had been dating Gwen and Mary Jane, but by then she began dating Harry Osborn before marrying him. In the Ultimate line, a drunk Liz did try to make out with Peter but he refused.

Mark Raxton, Molten Man, is her step-brother not actual brother.

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