Real Name Curt Conner
Alternate Identity Lizard
Powers and Abilities Lizard-like Appearance, Increased Strength and Durability
Lizard is from the Non MAU series Spider-Man.

Dr. Curt Conner is a doctor who turned himself into a creature called the Lizard or Lizard-Man.


Curt went down to the Florida Everglades to study the reptiles and swamps there. While there he became researching Swamp Fever. However, he turned himself into the Lizard. Spider-Man appeared and the two fought. Curt was cured and went back to take care of his family.

Later, he found the Fountain of Youth and became the prisoner of someone looking for it. Spider-Man appeared and the fountain was destroyed by accident.

Over the next year, Curt discarded his swamp fever research. He instead wanted to look into giving reptiles higher intelligence. One of his creations, Reptilla, captured him. Spider-Man appeared again and freed him.


Lizard was voiced by Gillie Fenwick.

Conner's name spelling is likely an error on behalf of production. The same happened with Spider-Man's "Night of the Lizard" but was corrected in later episodes.

In the ComicsEdit

Lost his arm when he was a medic in the army. Became the Lizard to replace his missing arm. This was likely changed as to avoid the topic of amputation in a children's series.

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