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MODOC appears in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, voiced by Wally Wingert, and in this series he goes under the acronym MODOC rather than MODOC.

In the episode "Iron Man is Born", MODOC is shown as an inmate of the Vault.

In the episode "Everything is Wonderful", Simon Williams is brought to MODOC and A.I.M. by Grim Reaper to take part in an experiment (the same one which was tried on different A.I.M. Agents whom didn't survive it) that would grant him the power to take revenge on Tony Stark. This results in Simon Williams becoming Wonder Man. Grim Reaper tells MODOC to "let him know if his brother survives." He and A.I.M. fight Thor and Wasp. MODOC gets away when the hidden base turned out to be a ship. In the episode "Widow's Sting", he is hired by HYDRA to create the Cosmic Cube which would grant them the power to take over the world. During a transaction in which A.I.M. requests more money, the two parties are attacked by Hawkeye who is searching for the whereabouts of the Black Widow. Afterwords, MODOC finds out the Cosmic Cube might actually work. MODOC later tells Baron Strucker that the Cosmic Cube wouldn't work and keeps it for himself. Unknown to MODOC however after he left, Baron Strucker knew he was lying which he states to Black Widow.

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