Mallisa DSD
Real Name Mallisa
Powers and Abilities Vampirism (Immortality, Sucks blood from humans, Can turn into bat and smoke, Can create other vampires, Enhanced strength and durability)
Team Affiliations Transylvanians
Allies Count Dracula
Sir Tomo
Mallisa is from the Non MAU video Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.

Mallisa is a vampire who lives in Transylvania.


Physical Therapy
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She was loyal to Count Dracula but felt betrayed when Satan revealed that he had married a mortal woman. The vampires there then had Sir Tomo lead them. She was buried in Transylvania. Dracula dug her up when he was looking to be transformed into a vampire once more. But she refused and had her fellow vampires attack him. It is unknown if she followed Dracula to the cottage or not.


Since official cast listings have not been released, it is only known that Marcelle Lajeunesse voiced her in the French dubbing.