Real Name Mariana
Powers and Abilities Fish-like appearance
Team Affiliations Morlocks
Allies Storm
Family and Friends Jubilee

Mariana is a young mutant child who is a member of the Morlocks. Like most other Morlocks, her fish-like appearance makes her too deformed to pass off as a human on the surface world.


She greatly admires Leech, another Morlock child, who often ventures to the surface world to steal items for his fellow subterranean dwellers.

During the Christmas season Leech went up to the surface to take a small tree and food. However he became sick and required medical attention. Storm, Jubilee, and Logan came down in an attempt to help. Since neither was able to help, Mariana befriended Jubilee and the two watched as Leech got better. While waiting Mariana showed Jubilee their Christmas tree and meal, explaining to her just what Leech means to all of them. After Leech got better Jubilee let him and Mariana open her presents so they could have something for Christmas. The first gift she opened was a teddy bear.


Mariana was a character uniquely designed for the series. She does bear a strong resemblance to Marrina Smallwood, an alien creature who married Namor.

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