Martha Connors
Real Name Margaret Connors
Alternate Identity Martha
Allies Spider-Man
Mary Jane Watson
Debra Whitman
Family and Friends Curt Connors (Husband)
Billy Connors (Son)

Margaret "Martha" Connors is the wife of Curt Connors and the mother of Billy Connors.


Little is known about her early life.

At some point, she met and fell in love with Curt Connors. They married and had a son named Billy.

One day, Curt came home partially transformed into a large lizard-like creature. He ran away into the sewers. Eventually reports of attacks by the "Lizard" appeared in the news. One night, Spider-Man appeared in her apartment looking for Curt. After Spider-Man fought Lizard saving Eddie Brock, Martha explained what happened. Soon after, Lizard kidnapped Martha intending to turn her into a lizard creature like himself. Spider-Man saved her and used the Neogenic Recombinator to return Curt to normal.

Later, she was kidnapped in order to force Curt to help decipher the Tablet of Time. During a massive fight that broke out, Curt once more transformed into Lizard due to the stress of the situation. She and Curt were once again saved by Spider-Man.

At one point, it was discovered that Curt's blood had mutated lizards in the sewers into humanoids. They then transformed Curt into Lizard so he would be their leader, while also kidnapping Spider-Man. Martha joined forces with Mary Jane Watson and Debra Whitman to return Curt and the lizard people to normal.


Martha was voiced by Giselle Loren.

In the ComicsEdit

It was Martha who created a cure to return her husband to normal.

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