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Ultron Finds Iron Man NAHT

Ultron is the main villain of Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. It was voiced by Tom Kane, who reprised the role for The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. This is the first version to appear in film. In a significant change from the comics, Ultron was created by Tony Stark rather than Hank Pym, inspiring the live-action film Avengers: Age of Ultron to do the same.

Tony Stark created the artificial intelligence known as Ultron as a means to attain peace. However, the robot decided it would be best to destroy humanity and take over the planet. It was stopped by the Avengers several times, but when the team began settling down and having children Ultron returned. It did what Kang, the Kronans, and the Masters of Evil could not. It defeated the Avengers by killing Captain America, Black Widow, Giant Man, Black Panther, and Wasp. Hawkeye took his son Francis into the ruins of New York City gathering the survivors into the Scavengers. Tony took the children of the Avengers (Steve and Natasha's son James Rogers, Thor's daughter Torunn, T'Challa's and Ororo Munroe's son Azari, and Hank and Janet's son Henry Pym, Jr.) and fled to an Arctic hideaway raising them on his own. Vision used his abilities to be Tony's spy while Jocasta helped raise and protect the children.

Ultron spent years building Ultra City on top of the ruins of New York. It was headquartered in the Citadel in the center where it kept a trophy room with the remains of all those it killed, including the Avengers. It designed drone fliers and walkers to patrol the city destroying the Scavengers. Ultron and its drones took over most of the western hemisphere and set its sights on Eastern Europe and Asia. One day, it detected the activation of the Iron Avengers. It noted how similar they were to its creator and set out to find their point of origin.

It infected the Iron Avengers, designed by Tony to imitate the deceased or missing Avengers, then followed them to the Arctic hideaway. It found the children that Tony took, now teenagers, and threatened to end them just as it did their parents. Tony donned his armor and fought the robot while the children got away. It overpowered its creator, destroyed the armor, then captured him. Ultron took him back to the Citadel as a lure for the children. The children infiltrated the Citadel looking for their adoptive father and were confronted by Ultron and the Iron Avengers. Francis, calling himself Hawkeye in honor of his father, and the Scavengers distracted the robots so they could all escape.

Ultron began a search for the children when it detected them in the desert. It sent the Iron Avengers out to destroy them. The children of the Avengers fought and destroyed several of the Iron Avengers. Ultron followed and confronted them when Hulk appeared. As the Iron Avengers fell, Ultron fought all the children and Hulk, overpowering them all. Eventually, Henry convinced Hulk that Ultron was making fun of him enraging the jade giant. Hulk ripped him in half then leaped away. Torunn risked her life to throw both halves into space so they could not return.

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Twins Quicksilver, of X-Factor, and Scarlet Witch, of the Avengers, ally themselves with supervillain Magneto to learn their true origins. ("Family Ties")

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