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Wasp is one of the main characters in Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers II. She was voiced by Grey Griffin. In contrast to the comics, she is never referred to as a mutant nor does her husband Hank Pym physically abuse her.

After Hank was taken off S.H.I.E.L.D.'s super soldier program, Janet helped her husband change size and control ants. When the Chitauri began their attacks, S.H.I.E.L.D. initiated Project: Avenger. Nick Fury and Black Widow went to Pym Industries to recruit Janet. She then convinced them to recruit Hank after seeing him grow to sixty feet. At the first meeting, the group learned that the Chitauri were invading Earth since World War II and the group was need to protect humanity.

The group went to protect a S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite facility but Wasp went ahead thinking she could evade the building's defenses. However, she triggered an explosive knocking her out. Iron Man and Giant Man defied orders trying to rescue her but were both knocked out. The alien got away and the facility was destroyed. Fury yelled at the team and they broke up. While Janet knew she had messed up, Hank just wanted to blame Captain America. When the Chitauri attacked the Triskelion, the team reformed and fought off the aliens. As Hulk went out of control, Wasp distracted the brute while the more powerful members fought him off. The team, dubbed the Avengers, celebrated and Janet kissed Steve (referencing the fact that in the comics they dated).

Several months went by and the couple continued the Giant Man experiments while working on their rocky marriage. When they reached the size increase limit, Janet suggested they focus on decreasing his size but Hank refused to be a tiny hero. Fury then recalled the team after T'Challa, king of Wakanda and current Black Panther, revealed that the Chitauri had returned. The team went to Wakanda and Captain America went off alone with Black Panther. Wasp and the rest fought Wakandan warriors until Black Panther stopped them.

While leaving the country, Captain America left on his own. Hank said to let him go off alone. Tired of his arrogance, Janet argued with Hank and stormed off. Captain America returned with a Chitauri and Kleiser in disguise. The two attacked the Avengers, severely hurting Wasp in the process, and fled. Then the Chitauri's command ship blew up their aircraft, but they were saved by Thor just in time.

She woke up in the infirmary to find that the Avengers went to Wakanda and the world was under siege by the Chitauri. She met up with Betty Ross, who had discovered that gamma radiation could destroy the aliens. They tried to rescue Bruce Banner who had been nearly killed by his sadistic captor at the request of the Chitauri. The two flew to Wakanda to tell the Avengers how to destroy the command ship. She initially brushed off Giant Man, but became concerned for him when he volunteered to invade the ship with Iron Man. The two men came back but Hank was fatally injured. She forgave him and he died in her arms. With the Chitauri threat ended, the team held a funeral for Hank.

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