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Reinforcement Final SSM

"Reinforcement" is the sixteenth episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man and the third episode of the second season. It originally aired on January 25th, 2009. It was written by Andrew Robinson and directed by Michael Goguen. The episode is loosely based on The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, and is the first time the team is called the Sinister Six in animation.

It's Christmas Eve in New York City. Spider-Man investigates the technology stolen by Mysterio leading him to Blackie Gaxton, who speaks of a new crime boss in the city. The wallcrawler then interrogates Patch and learns of someone called Master Planner. Elsewhere, the Master Planner contacts Tinkerer and orders him to reform the Sinister Six. Vulture and Mysterio escape from Ryker's Island while Kraven the Hunter busts Electro and Doctor Octopus from Ravencroft, though Octavius refuses to leave wishing a normal life.

That evening at Rockefeller Center, Peter Parker and his classmates are ice skating. Peter becomes friendlier with Liz Allen, which angers Gwen Stacy who feels scorned following their kiss. Gwen shuns Peter's advances and when Mary Jane Watson tries to give him advice he becomes distracted by her beauty. He leaves to get them hot chocolate when Electro and Vulture appear after Kraven sniffs Spider-Man out. Electro threatens the teenagers when Spider-Man arrives but is overpowered. Spider-Man tricks Electro into causing the Center's Christmas tree to fall on Vulture trapping him. During the confusion, the teens believe that Peter has been crushed as well. The webslinger leads Electro to a tire yard where he traps the villain in melted rubber.

Shortly afterwards, Spider-Man is attacked by Sandman and Rhino. He defeats Sandman by soaking his body with water, which then freezes him solid. The wallcrawler then leads Rhino out onto thin ice where his extreme weight causes him to fall through. Realizing there are still two members of the Six left, he spots Shocker and Doctor Octopus only to find they are illusions by Mysterio. Kraven and the illusionist chase Spider-Man to a department store. Mysterio tries to blow up Spider-Man along with the store's Santa Claus and elf with a robotic duplicate, but Kraven doesn't realize it and gets close to attack. Spider-Man saves the two employees and the explosion knocks out Kraven. He then knocks out Mysterio and leaves him for the police.

Back at Rockefeller Center, Gwen is terrified for Peter when he shows up and she seemingly forgives him. The police lift the tree but find Vulture has disappeared. As the police follow the battle they find all but Mysterio missing. The next morning on Christmas, Doctor Octopus's tentacles break into Ravencroft and appear to kidnap Octavius. At their home, Peter gives his present to Aunt May, a picture of Uncle Ben to honor their first Christmas without him.

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