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"Cold Vengeance" is the sixth episode of X-Men and originally aired February 6, 1993. The episode, an original story written by Michael Edens and Eric Lewald, contains several themes with and allusions to the classic novel Moby-Dick.

Directly following "Captive Hearts", Scott Summers wonders why Logan would suddenly leave. He storms off feeling the X-Men can never trust him, while Jean Grey realizes it was because of her that he left. Meanwhile, Logan returns to his home of Canada choosing to go to a remote area devoid of anyone else. However, he is attacked by Sabretooth who wants to finish their fight from "Deadly Reunions". The two are evenly matched until the cliffside collapses sending Logan into the freezing waters. Sabretooth sees his rival climb a piece of ice and promises to hunt him down.

At the same time, Professor X stops a fight between Cyclops and Gambit. The Cajun has heard rumors that the tropical island of Genosha is friendly towards mutants. Xavier has Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee investigate noting the team has been stressed recently. Meanwhile, Logan is found unconscious by an Inuit fishing party comprised of elder Pooyetah, youngster Kiyoek, and others though they are spotted by Sabretooth. The tribe nurses Logan back to health and he offers to help them. Logan joins Kiyoek and others to fish, though Kiyoek is humiliated when Logan brings back the largest catch of the season while he could get nothing. He is furthered angered when Logan and Pooyetah become good friends and the tribe praise the newcomer.

Kiyoek goes off on his own only to be confronted by Sabretooth. The massive mutant thinks he and Logan are friends until Kiyoek admits otherwise. Sabretooth then has Kiyoek lure Logan into a trap for him. The three X-Men members arrive in Genosha finding a warm welcome. They go to a luxury resort acting as normal humans but are secretly discovered by the receptionists, who gives them a special bungalow. In Canada, Kiyoek challenges Logan to fishing with spears. Logan accepts and while on the water cuts apart Kiyoek's spear realizing the trap. However, an explosion goes off at camp and they race back.

Logan and Kiyoek find the entire camp destroyed and all the people missing, and Logan realizes it was Sabretooth. Kiyoek admits that he teamed up with Sabretooth thinking that he was just leading Logan into a trap because he was jealous. Logan almost attacks him but grabs his outfit to confront his rival. That night, Kiyoek follows Wolverine telling him that this is his fight as well. On a glacier they find Sabretooth, who has tied the tribe to an ice bridge along with two bombs set to go off soon. Wolverine tries to reason with Sabretooth saying he is tired of their unending fight, but Sabretooth just wants blood and attacks. Sabretooth gets the upper hand but Kiyoek helps and eventually Wolverine tricks the villain into leaping into an abyss. They untie the tribe and dispose of the bombs. Later, Pooyetah admits his ways are done and they are going to the city to modernize, and calls Logan his friend.

After a day at the beach, the X-Men enjoy their vacation when the bungalow becomes a trap filling with gas and locking the windows. They escape to find Genoshan forces surrounding them. Despite Ororo's warning, Gambit attacks but they are overwhelmed. Eventually they are captured by a Sentinel.

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