T'Chaka Sends T'Challa Away UA2

Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther is the second film from Marvel Animation and the first direct sequel. It was released on August 8, 2006, just six months after Ultimate Avengers. The short turnaround time allowed for a quicker production. While the first film is a reasonably faithful adaptation of the Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch's first The Ultimates story arc, the sequel is generally original and features the introduction of Wakanda and Black Panther as well as the sacrifice of Giant Man before either happened in the Ultimate universe.

Months after the Chitauri attack on the Triskelion, the Avengers have gone their separate ways. Unable to adjust to modern society, Captain America has become depressed and takes unnecessary risks straining his romantic relationship with Black Widow. Giant Man and Wasp have marital problems as he pushes his powers past the limit. Betty Ross is unable to see the captured Bruce Banner due to guilt. Thor struggles to disobey the orders of his father Odin. Iron Man takes a trip to Mount Everest with his board of directors.

However, Herr Kleiser returns and assassinates T'Chaka, king of Wakanda. His son, T'Challa, takes the throne and Black Panther mantle. He seeks the help of Captain America who only confirms that Kleiser cannot be killed. The Avengers sneak into Wakanda where Black Panther takes Captain America into the city. He explains that the Chitauri want an enormous vibranium meteorite located beneath the city and have been bothering the country since World War II. However, the Avengers are discovered by Wakandan warriors who attack. Black Panther stops his people and orders the Avengers gone. A council of elders strip T'Challa of his throne for disobeying their isolationism.

After nearly killing the Avengers, the Chitauri's command ship encloses the globe in a field and begins an invasion, focusing on Wakanda. Bruce discovers the Chitauri's weakness, gamma radiation, and informs Betty. The Avengers aid Wakanda to stop the siege. Captain America and Black Panther fight Kleiser and trap him forever in vibranium. Giant Man, Thor, and Iron Man attack the command ship. However, Giant Man is fatally injured and dies in his wife's arms. Iron Man nearly dies saving the city when his heart's battery runs out, but is recharged by Thor. T'Challa gets reinstated as king. At Hank's funeral, Nick Fury makes peace with Thor while Steve and Natalia make up.

The movie has received mixed reviews with critics disagreeing on the positives and negatives. Some critics feel it surpassed the original while others feel it is more of a copy and at times worse. Generally, critics agree that it is a good continuation of the characters, but not so much a good movie on its own merits. The increased emphasis on Iron Man and Thor are usually praised. However, the animation and music, while good, have been cited as not very exciting.

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