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Jay Betrays Bonnie SMAF

Bonnie is a character from the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode "A Firestar Is Born". She was voiced by Marilyn Schreffler. The character was not adapted into the comics when Firestar was, as her new origin involved the Massachusetts Academy and Emma Frost.

Bonnie was a rich and spoiled child who hated fellow student Angelica Jones because she was poor. Angelica's mutant powers manifested and she accidentally melted Bonnie's dolls and caused fire sprinklers to go off at a school dance. Bonnie then spent years bullying and teasing Angelica.

In high school, Bonnie agreed to date a boy named Jay if he helped her ruin Angelica. Bonnie found out that their school's superintendent trusted the key to the trophy case to Angelica. Jay distracted Angelica while Bonnie stole the key. When the trophy went missing, the superintendent blamed Angelica and suspended her.

Angelica then created the superhero persona of Firestar and followed Bonnie and Jay. She learned that Bonnie planned to plant the stolen trophy in Angelica's locker. Firestar captured Bonnie and got her to confess to the superintendent. She then caught Jay in the act of planting evidence. He then confessed that it was all Bonnie's idea. Bonnie and Jay were expelled and everyone apologized to Angelica.

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