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Caiera Sister Transformed PH

The Spikes are one of the major villains of Planet Hulk. Unlike the version from comic series of the same name, these Spikes were not aliens who crashed on Sakaar but genetically engineered to appear to be aliens.

As part of Red Prince's quest to rule Sakaar, he created the Spikes. They are small spores that latch onto a living person. They invade the body, take it over, and attack others to spread itself. The spores take over the person entirely so they will attack friends and family relentlessly. While they can be killed like normal people, Spike-infected people attack in mass with enhanced strength, the ability to crawl on walls, and shooting spores from elongated tongues.

Red Prince unleashed the Spikes across the planet starting the Spike Wars. He built the Death's Head Guards to handle the Spikes and appear to be a savior. Being an Oldstrong, Caiera was immune. However, she was forced to kill her father, mother, and little sister when they became infected. With her entire village turned and pursuing her, Caiera was only saved by the Death's Head Guards. She then pledged her allegiance to Red Prince, soon after becoming Red King.

With the success of Hulk and the Warbound in the gladiator games, the people began turning against Red King. When Beta Ray Bill freed the slaves, Red King sent a ship of Spike spores to An-Sara where the Warbound fled to. The spores began infecting the locals who attacked the others. Caiera teamed up with Hulk and the Warbound to fight the Spikes. However, the Spikes overwhelmed Hulk infecting him. His healing factor kept him from completely turning. After Red King arrogantly revealed the Spikes' origins to Caiera he dropped a bomb on the city destroying everyone inside except for Caiera, Hulk, the Warbound, and the few they managed to save.

They returned Hulk's "body" to Red King who awoke and overthrew him. Caiera betrayed her master by infecting him with one last spore. The Death's Head Guards killed Red King ending the Spike threat once and for all.

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