Falcon Saves Tigra

"Avengers Assemble, Part One" is the premiere episode of The Avengers: United They Stand. It was written by Eric and Julia Lewald and directed by Ron Myrick. It originally aired on October 30, 1999, the final premiere in the connected universe of the 1990s.

On a dark and stormy night, the villainous robot Ultron creates a synthetic person it dubs Vision. Ultron intends to use Vision to destroy the the hero Ant-Man. Meanwhile, Ant-Man takes over as leader of the Avengers following in the footsteps of Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. Ant-Man is unsure of himself but his wife Wasp comforts him. Down below, Wonder Man trains with Scarlet Witch while Hawkeye trains with Tigra. They are interrupted when the President's helicopter is attacked while on his way to give a commendation to the Avengers.

The Avengers don special armor and head to Central Park where the helicopter is under attack by numerous drones created by Ultron and lead by Vision. Sam Wilson sees the attack from his apartment and becomes Falcon to help. The Avengers arrive and engage the robots protecting the downed helicopter. Falcon arrives to save Tigra. Hawkeye protects the president and his daughter after the Secret Service is defeated. However, when Vision makes an appearance he leaves the two to fight in vain along with Wonder Man. Drones surround the president and Falcon swoops in to save them. Authorities arrive and Ultron orders Vision to leave.

Later, the government liaison to the Avengers, Raymond Sikorski, lambasts the team for the firefight in the city. He also says the president doesn't want to see Hawkeye with the Avengers after Falcon saved him, and wants the bird hero to join them. Ant-Man tries to refuse but Sikorski threatens them with the full force of the government. Wonder Man tries to calm down Hawkeye, his good friend, but the archer walks out not feeling wanted. Ant-Man begins to analyze one of the drones, which is exactly what Ultron wants.

That night, Sam takes his nephew Andrew to Madison Square Gardens when Ultron's drones attack the area there. He takes Andrew to safety and heads to help. The Avengers discover the attack and head out except for Ant-Man who is trying to disable the drone as it will soon explode. Sam tries to take out some of the drones, but Andrew is knocked out. The Avengers arrive and defeat the drones, but the drones suddenly power down. Wonder Man realize this was a distraction to lure the team away from the mansion where Ant-Man is alone. They return and find Ant-Man fighting against a swarm of drones. When Vision arrives, Wonder Man sacrifices himself to protect their leader. The fallen drones around the area begin a self-destruct sequence.

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