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"Iron, Forged in Fire, Part One" was the first of the two part series premiere of Iron Man: Armored Adventures. It aired on November 22, 2008 in Canada, April 24, 2009 in the United States, and May 13, 2009 in Australia. The series was originally scheduled to start in 2007 but pushed back to coincide with the first Iron Man film, and had much influence by the film such as having Obadiah Stane as the main villain.

Tony Stark is a sixteen year-old genius who creates brilliant inventions for his father's company, Stark International. He invents a powerful suit of armor, but before he can show his father, Howard, he must first oversee the demonstration of his Earthmover and laser inventions. On the way to the demonstration Howard explains to him about the Makluan Rings, an ancient set of magical rings that may actually be highly advanced technology. On the way back Howard's associate, Obadiah Stane, argues with him about using the Earthmovers for military purposes. Just as Stane begins threatening Howard, an explosion destroys the plane. Tony, lying on the ground severely injured, climbs into his suit and flies off to his best friend's, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, house.

In the following months Tony has an electrical device implanted into his chest to keep him alive, Obadiah Stane takes over the company and shuts out Tony, and Tony goes to live with Rhodey and his mother. When Tony tries to get his inventions back Stane informs him that everything he and Howard worked on is company property. Tony goes to his first day of school where he shows up his teachers with his expansive knowledge and meets the very chatty Pepper Potts. She informs him that her father is an FBI agent investigating Stane for the death of Howard. This prompts Tony to put on the armor he built and investigate Stane himself.

He shows Rhodey the armory that he's built underneath an old factory that belonged to his father. There, Tony explains that he's going to use the suit's systems to get the information he needs on Stane. After his first bumpy flight, Tony finds out that Stane in fact turned the Earthmover project, initially for archeology and disaster relief, into a weapon. However, before he can do anything a train goes out of control heading straight for Stark Tower. Tony diverts the train onto an unused track then stops the train just before it can crash onto the people below. Tony realizes he can help people as the newly dubbed hero Iron Man. Unfortunately, he has caught the attention of someone named the Mandarin who wants the Makluan rings for himself.

The episode received mixed reviews. The largest complaints center on the idea of making Tony a teenage hero in high school. Critics feel while many heroes can be transported to a high school setting Iron Man is not one of them, and this makes him more of a Peter Parker rip-off. These critics also feel that having Tony build the armor before his accident lessened the need to wear it becoming a hero. Critics also point to the graphics as being lifeless and unemotional.

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