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Ms Marvel Grabs Mystique

Ms. Marvel is a character seen in the X-Men episode "A Rogue's Tale". Her appearance was based on the issues Uncanny X-Men #269 and Avengers Annual #10. This was the first version of the character outside the comics and first acting role for Roscoe Handford.

Carol Danvers, better known as the superhero Ms. Marvel, was the thorn in the side of the mutant supervillain Mystique and her Brotherhood of Mutants. The shapeshifter became so desperate she recruited Rogue to deal with her. The Brotherhood attacked a hanger to steal an aircraft luring Ms. Marvel to stop them. After easily toppling Blob, she went to stop Rogue in the stolen aircraft. However, Mystique had Rogue to use her absorbing powers on Ms. Marvel, who found something wrong as she could not stop. Ms. Marvel tried to flee but passed out. Pyro then unmasked her though no one knew her identity.

Carol, identified only as Jane Doe, was admitted to a hospital in New York City. She remained unresponsive in a coma, earning her the nickname Sleeping Beauty. Meanwhile, Rogue found she had permanently absorbed Ms. Marvel's powers, memories, and mind. While first testing her new powers, Ms. Marvel appeared to her saying Rogue had stolen her life. Rogue fled the Brotherhood and was found by Professor X. She joined the X-Men while Xavier repressed the mind of Ms. Marvel to protect both her and Rogue. When Mister Sinister trapped Xavier and Magneto in the Savage Land, Ms. Marvel began to reemerge. Trapped in Rogue's mind, Carol became bitter and wished to hurt Rogue despite the mutant's turn as a hero.

Mystique, wanting Rogue back, began transforming into Carol to trigger the memories within Rogue. During a battle between the Brotherhood and X-Men, Mystique appeared to Rogue as Carol triggering a crippling flash of memories. The X-Men returned to the mansion where she revealed Xavier's treatment. However, Carol began appearing everywhere causing Rogue to threaten Wolverine, hurt Gambit, and nearly attack Cyclops and Jean Grey. Carol kept blaming Rogue for her condition so Rogue fled to New York. Carol then lured her to the hospital so they could meet once again.

Eventually, Mystique lured Rogue to Jane Doe's room. She offered her memories to restore the ones Xavier locked away. Fortunately for Ms. Marvel, Rogue also absorbed Mystique's shapeshifting abilities. She took over Rogue's body and transformed into her costumed self. She grabbed her former archrival and fled. Jean used Cerebro to enter Rogue's mind to stop Ms. Marvel. In Rogue's mind, Ms. Marvel overpowered Rogue wishing to destroy her captor rather than remain a prisoner in another's mind forever. Eventually, Jean trapped Ms. Marvel in a mental cage while Rogue was able to enclose it. After telling off Mystique, Rogue decided to visit Carol. She unknowingly restored Carol to her own body with a touch. She left and Carol begins to respond hinting that she would be fine.

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