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Captain America is a character appearing in the animated films Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers II. He was voiced by Justin Gross in both his appearances. While the videos were based on the first Ultimates story arc, he is more inspired by the original Earth-616 version.

During World War II, Operation: Rebirth turned meek little Steve Rogers into the powerful superhero Captain America. He dated the beautiful Gail Richards though they were separated by the fighting. He became bitter enemies with the disguised Chitauri alien Herr Kleiser though he found the Nazi leader impossible to kill. At the end of the war, Captain America joined the 101st Airborne in storming a Nazi stronghold. After fighting Kleiser, Captain America climbed onto a nuclear missile and destroyed it over the North Atlantic. He fell into the ocean where he froze. After sixty years, S.H.I.E.L.D. found his body and returned it to the Triskelion. There, Steve woke up and fought his way out. He stopped when he saw the modern New York City and Nick Fury told him they had won the war.

Steve found that everything he knew had changed. His neighborhood had evolved, his friends had died, and friend Bucky Barnes had grown old while married to Gail. Fury recruited Steve into his Avengers project and given command of the team. He explained to the group that the Chitauri were still attacking Earth. He was given a new indestructible shield. They attacked a captured S.H.I.E.L.D. to find a Chitauri. However, only Black Widow obeyed his orders, the team failed, and the base was destroyed. Steve left feeling disillusioned with modern people. When the Chitauri assaulted the Triskelion, Captain America and the other Avengers joined in defending the planet. Under Captain America's leadership, the aliens were defeated. Unfortunately, Hulk lost control and attacked the team. They managed to calm him down stopping the rampage. Afterwards, Bucky brought Gail to him so they could reconnect. Then, the Avengers held a party in his honor.

Over the following months, Steve began dating Natalia. At the same time, he was growing depressed at his situation and began taking more dangerous missions. After nearly getting himself killed, Fury forced Steve to take a break. One night, Black Panther invaded his room. Revealed to be T'Challa, Steve learned that Kleiser was still alive and attacking Wakanda. Fury gave Natalia command of the team while infiltrating the country that did not want outsiders there. Black Panther found the team and took Captain America into his city explaining the history of his people and Kleiser. When the Avengers were discovered, they were forced to leave. However, Steve left the aircraft when he thought he saw a Chitauri. It was a trick by Kleiser to destroy the team. Thor saved them but the planet came under siege. The team returned to Wakanda, since the Chitauri was seeking the vibranium underneath the nation. Captain America and Black Panther fought Kleiser in his true form eventually trapping him forever in hardened vibranium. The team returned to the Triskelion and Steve made things right with Natalia.

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