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"Heroes and Villains" is the first episode of Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, originally aired on July 11, 2003. Actually, it was the tenth episode written for the series and the sixth produced. The episode was written by Morgan Gendel and directed by Tim Eldred.

The students of Empire State University, including Mary Jane Watson, are protesting the bulldozing of Villeroy Towers, where many students and employees live. They are upset they are being forced to move without compensation. Peter Parker leaves his friends Mary Jane and Harry Osborn at the rally to photograph the unveiling of a large jewel. At the museum, the jewel is stolen by a man called Turbo Jet. Spider-Man chases him but loses the thief when innocents are endangered. The jewel is then found by the protesters who turn it in for the reward money to use for their cause.

People turn against Spider-Man for fighting the Robin Hood-like figure, including Harry who believes the wallcrawler killed his father. Harry goes to Oscorp Industries to deal with his father's business. They want Harry to auction off a telescope belonging to Galileo Galilei for the science center they want to build where the Villeroy Towers are. That night Spider-Man fights Turbo Jet again. Turbo Jet injures some guards before making off with a valuable book. The book also makes its way to the protesters helping their cause.

A protester overhears Harry telling Peter that his father's company is the one destroying the towers so they all turn against him and his friends. Later, Spider-Man figures out that Turbo Jet is Lewis Wyler, a former NASA engineer turned janitor who built an experimental suit before stealing from his company. Spider-Man follows and overhears that Wyler doesn't care about the Towers at all, he's just getting paid to steal things. The next day, Harry tells Peter and Mary Jane about the telescope. Spider-Man oversees the reveal knowing Turbo Jet will appear. Harry reveals that he will donate the telescope to help fund the people's relocation. Turbo Jet gets the telescope only to learn it's a fake. Spider-Man had already warned Harry. Turbo Jet injures a protester before kidnapping Mary Jane. With her help, Spider-Man stops Turbo Jet. Later, Peter and Mary Jane share a kiss.

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