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Spidey Talks To Santa SSM

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, is a legendary figure associated with the holiday of Christmas. He is often portrayed as being old, having a long white beard, overweight, and wearing a red and white suit with a matching stocking hat. He is portrayed as the embodiment of the Christmas spirit.

According to folklore, Saint Nicholas is said to live at the North Pole where elves make presents. Over the year, he watches all the boys and girls in the world to determine if they are naughty or nice organizing them on a list that he checks twice. On Christmas Eve Santa loads up his sleigh with toys and flies around the world being pulled by his eight reindeer. Entering each home, he puts presents under the Christmas tree and in the stockings hanging over the fireplace.

Most of what is believed about Santa Claus comes from the classic poem A Visit from St. Nicholas. The poem concerns a man being awakened on Christmas night to find his home is being visited by the jolly figure. In recent years, department stores will hire a man to dress like Santa. Christmas shoppers will take their children to see the man to tell him what they want. Stores will decorate the area to be a winter wonderland and will hire others to play the elves. Spider-Man had to save a department store Santa and elf from Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio when he was fighting the Sinister Six.

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Christmas shoppers going home with their treasures. ("Have Yourself A Morlock Little X-Mas")

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