Silver Surfer After Asteroids Destroyed

"The Planet of Dr. Moreau" is the fourth episode of Silver Surfer and the first to follow the three-part premiere. It was written by Larry Brody and Christopher Kane while directed by Roy Allen Smith and originally aired February 28, 1998.

Silver Surfer is furious that Galactus has betrayed him by moving his home of Zenn-La. In his rage, he destroys an entire asteroid belt then berates himself for lashing out when he was raised to be a man of peace. He then sees an enormous asteroid about to crash into a space station. He races ahead and destroys it but the station is badly damaged. Eternity and Infinity watch. Eternity feels Silver Surfer could be the one who can help him while Infinity expresses her doubts. Silver Surfer checks on the station but everyone is angry at him, forcing him to recall Galactus' warning about the Power Cosmic being a brand on him. He heals a blind woman so she can see, but she becomes angry that she has no reason to see after Galactus destroyed her home.

He goes to a bar to ask about Zenn-La when he is confronted by the Skrull Raze over the death of his brother Husserl. The bartender says there is someone from Zenn-La on a Kree world, Morovus. Silver Surfer goes to the planet and finds it protected by a system of shield projectors he cannot get through. He pushes one aside but is blasted out of the air. Meanwhile, Nova is enjoying seeing the wonders of the cosmos when she realizes that everything she knew is gone. She recalls the car accident that took the lives of her parents, leaving her with only a few bruises, when Galactus orders her to find another planet. She spots one and flies off. Back at Morovus, Silver Surfer wakes up with a collar on his neck. The trolls Pip and Kili explain he is now a slave on the desert planet. Unwilling to accept this, he tries to take off the collar that shocks him preventing him from using his powers. He stops fighting when he hears the voice of the Master of Zenn-La.

The trolls show Silver Surfer around, revealing that they work in unsafe mines to make more slave collars and their captors are never seen. An earthquake damages the mine and the slaves fall down the side of the mountain. Silver Surfer once more recalls the Master's words and is able to absorb the collar into himself so he can use his powers to save the slaves. He frees Pip and Kili from their collars and heads to Morovus' moon to stop the slavers. He finds the mines controlled by a Kree combined intelligence. The Kree figures explain that the trolls were engineered by the Kree as slaves, but because of Silver Surfer they must be eradicated.

With Silver Surfer trapped, the combined intelligence fires a powerful cannon at the planet to wipe out all the slaves. The Master overpowers the Kree freeing Silver Surfer and ordering him to stop the blast. The Master explains that after Norrin Radd sacrificed himself, he felt compelled to follow his example and left Zenn-La to see the stars. However, he was captured by Kree and forced into the combined intelligence. Silver Surfer uses his powers to transform the blast into rain helping the planet. The Master tells Silver Surfer that he must atone for the horrible things the Kree made him do saying good bye. Silver Surfer tries to stop him but Master blows up the Kree facility sacrificing himself. Silver Surfer frees the rest of the slaves and Pip offers to join him on his adventures.

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