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Majel Barrett-Roddenberry played Anna Watson on the series Spider-Man. She appeared regularly throughout the series. She is best known for her relationship with the Star Trek franchise.

Born Majel Lee Hudec in Ohio, she went to school to become a legal clerk before moving into acting. She moved to New York and began acting in several plays. However, she found competition there tough so she moved to California in the 1950s. In Hollywood, she found work on several different series and films until she met Lucille Ball and began work with Desilu.

She met Star Trek creator and future husband Gene Roddenberry in 1963. When he began work on the initial pilot he casted her as the first mate. The pilot was scrapped and another was made. Due to the thinking of the time, it was determined that audiences would not accept a woman first mate and she went into smaller roles for the series such as Nurse Chapel and the Enterprise's computer voice alongside George Takei.

In 1969, Gene and Majel married and had a son in 1974. She acted in many of his projects, including several test pilots. She worked on the Star Trek animated series and later the movie series. When The Next Generation began production she not only voiced the computer voice for that and every subsequent series but had a recurring role as Lwaxana Troi alongside Michael Dorn.

After Gene's death, Majel continued his legacy by producing several other science fiction series. She acted in various movies and series up until her death on December 18, 2008.

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