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Spider-Man Attacks Lizard

"Night of the Lizard" is the series premiere of Spider-Man. It originally aired November 19, 1994 as part of a sneak preview and made its first regular-run appearance on March 4, 1995. The episode features slightly different animation than the rest of the series, which would become more obvious when footage was reused in later episodes.

Spider-Man looks over his city wishing everything were as peaceful as it looked from atop the skyscrappers. Down in the sewers, two technicians are working when a large creature attacks them. They escape to the surface but one is dragged back down. The other races off in the work van and Spider-Man saves him from crashing into the river. At The Daily Bugle, Robbie Robertson congratulates Peter Parker on the quality of his Spider-Man photos and wonders if he can get any pictures of the Lizard. J. Jonah Jameson tells Peter that there are reports of a lizard-like creature in the sewers. Eddie Brock gets the assignment but Peter knows Dr. Curt Connors, an expert in reptiles. Jameson decides that whoever first gets a picture of Lizard gets a bonus.

Peter thinks about getting a motorcycle to get around the city. But at his home, he notices some past due bills for Aunt May and decides to use the money to help her. Spider-Man goes into the sewers and finds an enormous reptilian footprint. At Empire State University, he meets with Debra Whitman who notes that the footprint looks deep, like something walking on two legs. They enter the science hall when the power goes out. Peter's Spider-Sense goes off and they find Lizard in Connors' office, who is stealing something. Afterwards, Peter remembers helping Connors use lizard DNA to regrow a mouse's missing limb.

Lizard and Spider-Man go to Connors' house to see Curt's wife Martha and son Billy. Spider-Man asks about Curt but Martha doesn't want to talk about him. They hear Eddie screaming as he's being attacked by Lizard. Spider-Man engages him but finds his opponent faster and stronger and he is defeated. Billy calls Lizard dad and the reptile flees. Spider-Man questions the two Connors and learns Lizard is actually Curt transformed. He used the Neogenic Recombinator on himself to regrow his missing arm, but when he came home he began turning into a lizard. Spider-Man chases after Eddie to stop the reporter from ruining his friend's life. However, Lizard uses the distraction to kidnap Martha.

Spider-Man follows Lizard through sewers, noting that the Fantastic Four, Avengers, and Defenders never end up in the sewers like he does, though maybe Hulk will. He struggles through the grimy, slime covered surfaces, eventually stopping to lament helping Curt in his experiments that caused this. He then finds the missing technician, who explains that Lizard wanted him to work on something electrical until he became too tired. Spider-Man then finds Lizard and Martha. Lizard explains he wants to be with Martha and intends to convert the entire city into lizard creatures like himself. Spider-Man readies his camera and attacks. Lizard again overpowers him but he easily evades the attacks. The webslinger gets ahold of the Recombinator but Lizard tackles him into the water. They fight until Spider-Man activates the device changing him back. The next day, Eddie brings Jameson to Connors' house intending to prove his story, but Curt answers hurting Eddie's reputation. Meanwhile, Peter gives Aunt May the money he got for the picture, but all she's worried about is the germs he got in the sewers.

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