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Thor Attacks Hulk HV

Hulk vs Thor is the seventh animated movie based on Marvel Comics. It is actually a short film released with Hulk vs Wolverine as part of the Hulk Vs set. It was eventually released on its own to help promote the first Thor live-action film. It was rated PG-13 for animated action violence and released on January 29, 2009. The video is part of the animated universe set up by Christopher Yost that includes Wolverine and the X-Men, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Thor: Tales of Asgard.

As Odin enters Odinsleep, the enemies of Asgard siege the city in hopes of controlling the Nine Worlds of Asgard. Thor battles alongside Balder, the Warriors Three, and Sif in protecting his father and the city. Meanwhile, Loki and Amora bring Bruce Banner from Midgard for their ultimate plan. The two separate Bruce from the Hulk then Loki takes control of the green brute's body.

The plan works and no one can match the Loki possessed Hulk's might. Thor battles Hulk and uses Mjolnir and his powerful lighting powers to viciously attack Hulk. The attack overwhelms Loki and he loses control. However, without either Bruce or Loki Hulk is an empty shell of pure rage. He overwhelms Thor nearly killing him then heads towards Odin's glowing light. Amora saves Thor from Hela then joins Sif, Brunhilde, the Valkyries, and even the Frost Giants but all fall before the green human's might.

Because Loki killed Bruce, Thor takes his brother to Hel to retrieve his soul so he and Hulk can be merged once more. Loki manipulates his daughter into bringing the Hulk there so she can have a complete soul. However, Bruce does not want to merge since he is living in a fantasy where he is married to Betty Ross, has a son, and most importantly is free of the Hulk. When Hulk begins destroying Hela's realm, Thor and Loki battle the brute to hold him off. Seeing his fellow Avenger in danger, Bruce willingly merges with Hulk to stop him. Hela sends Bruce back to Midgard as Hulk is too dangerous to keep in either Hel or Valhalla. She instead traps her father in exchange then warns Thor that she wants his soul. When the God of Thunder returns home, Odin awakes and offers a toast to the mortal Bruce Banner for saving Asgard.

Reviews for Hulk Vs have generally been positive, often seen as one of the better direct-to-video movies. However, Thor has not fared as well as its mutant counterpart. Critics noted how the movie had a grander and more stylized feel, also enjoying stronger side characters and more focus on Bruce Banner. However, several critics said that it lacked some of the fun that Wolverine had and required more knowledge of the Thor mythos. Some have also complained that Thor seems too weak as he is easily defeated by Hulk.

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