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Wolverine This One For Morph

"Night of the Sentinels, Part Two" was the second episode of X-Men that originally aired November 7, 1992. It was part of a sneak preview and contained many animation errors that were corrected in later airings. The episode features the arrest of Beast, which would last all season, and the death of Morph. Though loosely based on Changeling, Morph was created specifically to die in order to show the dangers the X-Men would face.

While infiltrating the Mutant Control Agency headquarters, Cyclops leads the team waiting outside when reinforcements arrive. He orders Rogue and Gambit to hold them off while not hurting them, though the guards have no such reservations. Meanwhile, Wolverine stops the inside X-Men from walking into a trap so Storm blasts the guards. Morph tricks the guards in the file room so that Beast hacks the computers while the others destroy the physical files. At the same time in Detroit, Henry Peter Gyrich is interrogating the captured Jubilee. Bolivar Trask is upset he is making a move against mutants before they have enough Sentinels to fight them. When the files are deleted, the X-Men flee the agency defeating guards along the way. However, they are confronted by Sentinels. Morph moves to save Wolverine who didn't notice when more appeared.

Jean Grey senses Morph's pain and Professor X fails to find him. The Blackbird arrives at the mansion and Wolverine attacks Cyclops for leaving Beast and Morph behind arguing that they could have been rescued. Jean says Beast is alive but Morph is not. He takes his anger out on Scott's car then drives away. In a flashback, Morph shoved Wolverine to safety while he died. Beast was blasted against the electric fence and captured. Numerous Sentinels arrived and overwhelmed the team. They fled and Rogue used her powers to stop Wolverine from going back. Wolverine swears to have vengeance. The president makes a speech revealing the experimental robots stopped the renegade mutant attack on a federal building.

Logan takes on a couple of thugs in a bar when Scott meets him. He proposes a way to track the Sentinels to their home base. Meanwhile, the president meets with Gyrich to tell him that since the mutants risked their lives to stop mutant registration there must have been a reason and she shuts it down. Scott meets with Jubilee's foster parents who admit to registering her for protection. When he leaves, he damages but does not destroy a Sentinel. The X-Men follow it to an old car factory. Inside, Gyrich decides to move the Sentinel operation overseas in case the president shuts that down too.

The damaged Sentinel crashes damaging the power supply. Jubilee escapes but is almost recaptured by Sentinels. The X-Men arrive and are able to defeat their robotic foes while Wolverine gets his revenge for Morph. Later, Jubilee bids farewell to her foster parents as she moves into the mansion. Scott expresses doubt he did the right thing with Beast and Morph and Jean reassures him he did the only thing he could.

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