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Carnage is the first version of the character outside the comics. He was voiced by Scott Cleverdon on the Spider-Man episodes "Venom Returns" and "Carnage" and Michael Donovan on Spider-Man Unlimited. Broadcasting Standards and Practices prevented Carnage from being the psychotic murderer he is in the comics, but the producers at least hinted at terrible things he has done.

When the Venom symbiote was on the John Jameson Space Probe, it spawned an offspring. Dormammu had Baron Mordo return the probe to Earth as he wanted Venom to get him the Time Dilation Accelerator from Stark Enterprises so he could enter new dimensions to feed on. Meanwhile, Cletus Kasady was corned by police, detective Terri Lee, and Spider-Man and captured. He was placed in Ravencroft Asylum for the Criminally Insane next to Eddie Brock. After Eddie rebonded with the symbiote and escaped, the second symbiote came for Cletus and together they formed Carnage.

Carnage went to Stark's presentation and, together with his "father" Venom, fought off the wallcrawler and War Machine. However, the two symbiote-powered villains began arguing and fighting over who could kill Spider-Man. They stole the Accelerator and returned to Mordo before they could kill Spider-Man. Venom left and Mordo granted Carnage the power to absorb people's energies to release Dormammu. After attacking Terri and Eddie's love interest Ashley Kafka, Venom teamed up with Spider-Man and Iron Man to stop Carnage and the others. Unfortunately Dormammu already bound himself to Carnage so that the portal could not close. Venom sacrificed himself to stop Carnage closing the portal.

The two symbiote villains escaped Dormammu's dimension with new form-altering powers. They decided to team up and spread symbiotes to the entire population of Counter-Earth under command of the Synobtic. They hid aboard John Jameson's shuttle but were followed by Spider-Man. They teamed up with High Evolutionary, though both planned to betray the other. Eventually the Synobtic became too powerful, spreading the symbiotes too far, and High Evolutionary took drastic measures trying to destroy all humans on the planet.

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