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"Overflow" is the fourth episode of Wolverine and the X-Men. It originally aired in Canada on September 27, 2008 and February 6, 2009 in the United states. It is the first to follow the three-part series premiere and the first to feature Professor Xavier giving the X-Men an assignment from the future to stop the Days of Future Past.

In the deserts of Africa, two men meet. One on the verge of dying transfers a black aura to the other that takes him over leaving the first to die. Meanwhile, Xavier contacts Logan from the future. He warns that the continent of Africa will soon be destroyed by Storm in an event that will kill her as well. However, they are interrupted by the spying Emma Frost. Logan throws her out of the mansion claiming they don't need the former villain, but when Beast cannot find Ororo Logan realizes they need her to operate Cerebro.

Emma scans the continent eventually finding the former X-Man. Ororo has used her powers to help a small tribe with stuff like creating rain to fill reservoirs. Shadowcat tries to get Cyclops to join them, but both Logan and Iceman write him off. He eventually comes along just before take off. Meanwhile, the dark aura has been transferring itself from one person to another, eventually making its way to Ororo's tribe and to her. The darkness calls says it was like Ororo's father. It recalls Ororo's memories of her time as a street urchin when Xavier found and battled Amahl Farouk for her. Ororo realizes who the darkness is, the Shadow King.

The evil psychic forces Ororo to see her village on fire. She creates a storm to put it out, but when that fails she makes a more powerful weather system that causes the Blackbird to crash. The X-Men head towards Ororo, but she went from rain to hail taking out half the team. Wolverine tries to reason with her but is unable to get through. Emma uses her powers to enter Ororo's mind and sees the fires. Emma and Shadow King fight with their minds, but the villain is too powerful. She eventually pulls Shadow King out of Ororo's body but he is still too strong. Emma manages to hold him off long enough so that he becomes weak due to being without a body. Eventually, Shadow King disappears into nothingness.

The people of the tribe thank the X-Men for saving them. Wolverine then acknowledges that Emma has earned a place on the team. Back at the mansion, Ororo visits the comatose body of the present Xavier and accepts a position on the team once again.

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