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Rachel Van Helsing is a character from Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned. She was voiced by Melanie McQueen. This is so far the only version of the character outside the comics.

Rachel is the great-granddaughter of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, who died fighting the legendary vampire Count Dracula. Rachel joined the descendant of her grandfather's protege Hans Harker to continue their families' work.

After Dracula killed several women in Boston, Rachel and Hans contacted Dracula's grandson Frank Drake. They recruited him into their team and explained their histories to each other. Frank initially refused then made a pass at Rachel. After threatening him with her crossbow, Frank joined them in their search.

The team searched for a year without success. Eventually they tracked Dracula, along with a woman and baby, to a church. The team confronted Dracula but was easily overwhelmed with Rachel getting choked. The woman, Dolores, then asked Dracula to stop since their baby, Janus, was dead. The vampire lord then fled.

The team then followed Dolores to the cemetery where God resurrected Janus into an adult. Janus left to fight his father, the servant of Satan. Afterwards, Rachel asked Dolores why she was with the fiend. Dolores explained that Dracula was as much a victim as anyone else and that she had a difficult life.

Rachel and Frank tracked Dracula to New York City where, unknown to them, Dracula was looking to restore his lost powers. The team overheard Dracula's plans to return to Transylvania so another vampire could convert him. The team went to Dracula's Castle to lay a trap. Hans went in alone where he blew up Dracula and the castle. Rachel then embraced Frank.

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