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Yellowjacket Killed Hank AEMH

"Yellowjacket" is the forty-fourth episode of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, originally airing June 14, 2012. It was written by James Felder and Man of Action and is one of the final directing efforts of the late Boyd Kirkland.

Iron Man and Wasp go to Hank Pym's lab at Grayburn College to find the place a mess and the former Avenger seemingly mad. Hank ignores their questions about his health, both physical and mental, and tells them about a new micro-prison similar to the Big House. After Iron Man doubts its effectiveness, Hank orders them to leave. As they do, an explosion destroys the lab and Hank with it. The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire, and Spider-Man hold a funeral for the fallen Avenger. Afterwards, Nick Fury reveals to Wasp and Iron Man that Hank was murdered.

The Avengers look into Hank's research and find a lead with the Serpent Society. Captain America and Black Panther track down Constrictor to Yancy Street, but find the villain being targeted by someone going by Yellowjacket. The Avengers intervene but Yellowjacket blasts Constrictor apparently disintegrating him. Wasp arrives and chases him across the sky. Yellowjacket overpowers her and claims he is the one who got rid of Hank. When he attacks with hornets, she comes to believe that Yellowjacket is actually Hank.

Unfortunately, no one else believes her since scans of Yellowjacket and Ant-Man are too different. But she knows Hank well enough to continue believing. Yellowjacket becomes a media darling due to his extreme measures with villains. The Avengers track him to Oscorp where he kills King Cobra. Thor attacks but Yellowjacket is able to predict his attacks. The rest of the team arrive to see Yellowjacket blast Mjolnir and Thor. Wasp rips the mask off revealing he is Hank. Clearly not in his right mind, Hank threatens the others. Iron Man attacks with a repulsor, but the energies combine with the gun and they all shrink down into the micro-prison.

The Avengers find the Serpent Society and Thor alive and well in the Microverse facility. However, they are all trapped with no way out. Iron Man gets worried at Hank's new attitude. Suddenly the whole prison begins shrinking as the Pym Particles become unstable. The Serpent Society escape their cells and immediately attack the Avengers. Hank snaps out of his crazed mindset after he saves Wasp from being killed by Constrictor. He then thinks straight enough to use Iron Man's reactor to get them all out just before the prison collapses. Later, Hank wants back in the Avengers as someone who will get things done. Iron Man initially turns him down, but does so as a favor to Wasp. When mole people attack the city, Yellowjacket and Iron Man go off to fight them.

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