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Count Dracula is the title character of Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned. He was voiced by Theodore Lehmann. This is the first version of the comics adaptation to be seen outside the comics. The direct-to-television production was one of the first to connect the comics version, the Bram Stoker character, and Stoker's real life historical inspiration.

Back in the 15th century, Count Vlad Dracula III was ruler of the Balkans region of Transylvania. His lands were peaceful and prospered, but faced constant invasion by neighboring peoples like the Bulgarians, Hungarians, and the barbarian Attila the Great. The Transylvanians were adept at defending themselves and Vlad was a great military leader. They stopped all invasions but their enemies kept coming. Growing desperate, Vlad began impaling his victims on pikes and setting them across his lands as a warning. It had the opposite effect and they banned together to stop his cruelty with his gruesome death. The death attracted the attention of Satan. The dark lord resurrected Vlad as the first vampire, who would lead his forces of evil.

For hundreds of years the count terrorized the world while becoming a legend. He converted the people of his lands into vampires while his castle fell into ruin. In the 19th century, two vampire hunters named Jonathan Harker and Abraham Van Helsing came to kill him. However, Dracula woke and killed the two of them before they could stake his heart. Eventually he found Europe too hostile towards him and he moved to Boston in America. He grew to resent his undead existence and plotted revenge against Satan.

In modern times, Dracula discovers the Fellowship of the Black Mass, a group who worships Satan, who were planning to give a woman named Dolores to Satan as a bride. Dracula goes to the cult's church and kidnaps the woman while pretending to be Lucifer. He takes her back to his mansion but finds he cannot bring himself to suck the blood out of her body. He still needs to feed and kills two other women. Dracula finds himself having mortal lustful thoughts and marries Dolores. The two have a child they name Janus.

A year later, the Black Mass offer to baptize the child and Dracula arrogantly accepts. The three go back to the church but find it is a trap. The cult's priest became aware of Dracula's deception by the real Satan and covers all the openings with crosses. The priest tries to kill the vampire lord, but accidentally kills the infant Janus. Dracula kills the priest but is confronted by three new vampire hunters: Hans Harker (son of Jonathan), Rachel Van Helsing (granddaughter of Abraham), Frank Drake (his own descendant), and their dog Elijah. Dolores convinces Dracula to stop the fighting and he flees to mourn their son.

He lives in a nearby cave with regular bats until he notices the light of God coming from the cemetery of his son. He finds that the creator of all things has resurrected his son as an adult with powers to stop him. He leaves the cemetery but Janus confronts him and overpowers him. Dracula escapes and returns to his cave. However, he then finds that Satan has kidnapped Dolores. He goes to rescue her and the dark lord brings the two to Hell. Satan dominates their battle, but Dolores saves him as her powers are revealed and they are the ones Janus inherited. They are returned to their home, but Dracula sees his reflection in a mirror and finds himself mortal again.

Above all, Dracula feared death. He left Dolores and headed to New York City where the vampire Layla was feasting. He became a simple mugger in order to satisfy his now mortal hunger before finding Layla. He confronted the woman but she refused to make him a vampire again. She too resented her immortal existence and blamed Dracula. She attacked him then left him to his mortal misery. Janus found Dracula but spared him as he was no longer one of the undead. He did warn his father that they would have to fight if Dracula continued his quest.

Dracula returned home to Transylvania to find a vampire who would turn him. He uncovered the vampire Mallisa. However, she too would not turn him. She explained that all vampires knew he took on a mortal wife and felt betrayed. The other vampires left their graves and attacked their former sovereign leader. He fled to a nearby cottage where he used the family's cross to destroy his pursuers. Outside, he was confronted by the new leader: Sir Tomo. The two battled for reign over the vampires with Tomo using his powers to overcome Dracula. However, Dracula's hand was burned with the figure of a cross while in the cabin, which he used to kill Tomo. The vampires once again praised Dracula as their leader but he was disgusted that he unknowingly became a tool of Heaven.

The count returned to his ruined castle where he found the energies of the place returned his vampirism. However, he was confronted by Harker who vowed to kill him once and for all. Dracula overpowered the mortal, but Hans had a trick. He used a silver wheel spoke to fatally wound the vampire lord. He then used a bomb to disintegrate Dracula and destroy the castle. Janus returned to his mother and became a living infant once more. His castle was left as a reminder of his dark deeds. Presumably, he returned to Hell to be tortured for all eternity by Satan.

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