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Torch Sees Hologram Duplicate

"Incursion of the Skrulls" is the third episode of Fantastic Four, though the fourth to air, originally airing October 15, 1994. Written by Ron Friedman and Elwin Ransom, the episode is an adaptation of the classic comic Fantastic Four #2.

It's a calm day in New York City until iconic landmarks like the Twin Towers, Central Park, and Guggenheim are destroyed by green aliens called Skrulls. This turns out to be a video game being played Thing. Johnny Storm, who found the game in the park, wants it back and starts a fight. Sue comes and breaks it up and takes them to meet with Mister Fantastic for a conference with the President Bill Clinton. Clinton wants the Fantastic Four to save a NASA base in the Bay of Fundy and the team sets off.

Deep in space, Clinton transforms into a Skrull revealing it to be a plan by the Skrull emperor. He then has Admiral Kah and Commander Lyja, who are leading the invasion fleet of Earth, to begin the next step. Four Skrulls infiltrate Earth disguised as the Fantastic Four to discredit them. The Thing-Skrull attacks a nuclear power planet. The Invisible Woman-Skrull steals the crown jewels off the Queen of England. The Mister Fantastic-Skrull and Human Torch-Skrull destroy a military aircraft. The real Clinton has no choice but to order that the Fantastic Four be brought in. Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four find two Hydras at the bay that are holograms. After recovering the projector, the heroes are arrested by the United States Navy.

The four escape from the prison they are put in and analyze the alien projection device. They realize someone is trying to get them out of the way and make their way to a shuttle launch where the Human Torch imitator is attacking. The real Johnny hides while the other three pretend to be their imitators. The Skrull leads them to a rendezvous point where he realizes the ruse. The Skrulls are captured and interrogated. Mister Fantastic takes the Fantasticar to the alien mothership pretending to be his imitator Kok Nal. Reed claims to the emperor that the Skrulls are outmatched. He shows them old monster movie footage saying these creatures, like Godzilla and Frankenstein's monster, would easily defeat them. The emperor rewards "Kok" for his bravery and calls back the invasion fleet, while Reed claims he and the other infiltrators need to stay behind to wipe out any evidence of their existence. Back on Earth, the Skrulls try to escape but Reed uses a hypnotizing ray to make them think they are goats (as opposed to cows in the comics). When Thing and Johnny start fighting over the game, which turns out to be a Skrull spying device, Reed gives it to a kid who throws it away.

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