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Spider-Man Venom Parade SSM

Thanksgiving Day is is a federal holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States of America. It is a day where people reflect on what they are thankful for, usually friends and family. It occurs in November after Halloween and before Hanukkah and Christmas. The following day, called Black Friday, is considered the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Almost every culture has a end of the year festival, usually to celebrate a successful harvest. The most iconic feature of the day is the traditional dinner. Food typically served include but are not limited to an oven baked turkey, yams, and pumpkin pie. The meal can be extensive and difficult to make, especially for one person. Peter Parker once tried to make it himself when his Aunt May was in the hospital, but he ended up burning it rendering the food useless. Luckily, May had the foresight to ask his friend Gwen Stacy and her father George to make one for them. They brought it over for Peter, May, and her friend Doctor Bromwell.

One particularly memorable event of the day is the Thanksgiving Day Parade that occurs in New York City. It is an enormous event that takes up several city blocks. Most memorable are the parade balloons, large helium filled balloons shaped like characters. Figures seen include a fish, turkey, pilgrim, gorilla, the Statue of Liberty, clown-colored bear, dinosaur, football player, cat, bee, and mustang. Additionally, high school sport teams and bands will also march.

One Thanksgiving, Eddie Brock revealed to Spider-Man that he had bonded with the symbiote to become the supervillain Venom. Together, the two intended to punish Peter for all the things he did to both Eddie and the symbiote. They attacked Peter in his home revealing they had all his memories and powers. They threatened the one he loves most and went off to the hospital to attack Aunt May. Spider-Man fought him off, but threatened the one he really loves. Spider-Man went to the parade thinking Venom meant Mary Jane Watson, but found that Gwen had been kidnapped. Spider-Man tried to rescue her, but was overwhelmed by Venom. She was saved by Mary Jane, Flash Thompson, and their friends on the football and cheerleader teams. Spider-Man defeated Venom by tricking the symbiote into leaving Eddie then capturing it. He trapped it in drying cement before heading off to his Thanksgiving Day activities.

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Jean Grey, Remy LaBeau, and Hank McCoy prepare a fantastic feast including turkey, cranberry glaze, oyster loaf, and daube glace for the X-Men. ("Have Yourself A Morlock Little X-Mas")

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