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Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Born Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Characters played Shehla
Crowd Member
Abigail Brand

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn who played Shehla on Marvel Anime: Iron Man, Marsh on Marvel Anime: X-Men, a crowd member on Marvel Anime: Blade, and Abigail Brand on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

She has also gone under the name Melissa Williamson.


Other notable works include Quantum Leap, Walker, Texas Ranger, Xena: Warrior Princess, Murder, She Wrote, Princess Mononoke, Star Trek: Voyager, Cowboy Bebop, Metropolis, A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Digimon: Digital Monsters, Appleseed, Naruto, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Red Faction Guerrilla, Final Fantasy XIII, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Marvel Heroes, The Last of Us, Saints Row IV, the video game Spider-Man Unlimited, Sailor Moon Crystal, Steven Universe, Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, Lego Marvel's Avengers, and Critical Role.

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