Mary Parker
Richard Mary Baby Peter SSM
Real Name Mary Parker
Family and Friends Richard Parker (Husband)
Peter Parker (Son)
Ben Parker (Brother-in-Law)
May Parker (Sister-in-Law)

Mary Parker was the wife to her husband Mary and mother to Peter. She had a brother and sister-in-law named Ben and May.


Little is known about the life of Mary.

At some point, she fell in love and married Richard. They had a son they named Peter. Unfortunately, they both died and Peter went to live with his brother and sister-in-law in Queens, New York.

The three kept a picture of Mary and Richard holding the infant Peter in their house.


Richard and Mary was only seen in a photograph.

In the ComicsEdit

Her maiden name was Fitzpatrick.

She was a member of the Central Intelligence Agency. She met Richard on a mission.

Harry Osborn had Chameleon create Life Model Decoys of Richard and Mary to attack Peter.

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